Narrative Science Launches Narratives for Qlik

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NarrativeScience_logoNarrative Science, a leader in advanced natural language generation (NLG) for the enterprise today announced availability of Narratives for Qlik® for Qlik Sense® users, a first-of-its-kind product extension. The Narratives for Qlik extension, available for download, automatically generates dynamic narratives to accompany Qlik Sense visualizations, explaining what is most  interesting and important from Qlik’s charts and graphs, thereby accelerating insights derived from data.

Visualizations contextualized and enriched by easy-to-understand narratives accelerate the time to insight. They also improve the accuracy of  insights and conclusions made from analytic content delivered to, and shared with, an expanded set of users who may have limited analytics skills.” notes Gartner, Inc. in Technology Insight for Modern Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, October 23, 2015.

Narratives for Qlik provides users with a unique set of new capabilities, including:

  • Intelligent Narratives – The extension automatically identifies what is most relevant in the chart or graph and generates a narrative alongside the visualization, dynamically responding as the user continues to refine the analysis. The language serves to uncover relationships in data not obvious in the visualization alone or that could easily be misinterpreted without context.
  • Intuitive Analysis – Fully integrated with Qlik Sense, the narratives act as a companion to guide the discovery process, providing context by  communicating insights in natural, easy-to-consume language. Based on user preference, the narratives are personalized to reflect the desired  level of story detail, composition, format, and the language used to describe the data, while also helping guide the user where to focus next with his or her analysis.
  • Insightful Results – Clear, comprehensive communication of insights that is easy to use, easy to understand and easy to share. Everyone from  business users who need to interpret complex visuals to experts seeking a better starting point to further their analysis can easily use this extension to gain insight, share findings with others and collaborate on decision making.

Narratives for Qlik – tech that turns your data into a story – is a groundbreaking BI innovation,” stated industry analyst Seth Grimes. “The tight link to Qlik’s associative analysis and its personalization possibilities are pluses, but it’s the [ability to provide a] new means of communicating insights that is really compelling.”

Collaboration is an essential component of effective decision-making,” said Donald Farmer, vice president of Innovation and Design for Qlik. “Telling stories about discoveries and outcomes with your data is a major part of that collaboration. Now, with Narratives for Qlik, users can enrich their communication around data automatically, significantly accelerating their work and improving decision-making.”

Qlik’s collaboration with Narrative Science reflects their leadership in the data discovery industry and reputation for being a first mover,” said Stuart  Frankel, CEO of Narrative Science. “To extend their reach and value, the next generation of smart data discovery platforms will include natural language generation capabilities to explain findings to users. It is just a matter of time before this is a mandatory capability of visualization and business intelligence applications.”


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