What has Kaggle Learned from 2 Million Machine Learning Models?

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The 2016 Meetup scene here in Los Angeles is heating up! I’m a regular at several groups: LA Machine Learning, LA R Users Group, LA Big Data Users Group, LA Hadoop Users Group, LA Apache Spark Users Group, and Data Science LA. Last week, we had Hortonworks co-founder Arun Murthy speak about the history and future of Hadoop. This week we had Co-founder and CTO of Cloudera, Amr Awadallah who will share some changes on the Hadoop horizon. Also, last week I was excited to attend a very compelling Meetup featuring Anthony Goldbloom, co-founder and CEO of Kaggle who talked about the genesis of his company and what they’ve learned along the way – “What has Kaggle Learned from 2 Million Machine Learning Model?” It was fascinating! The presentation was recorded and available below:



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