NetBase Delivers Facebook Topic Data to Reveal Deeper Brand & Consumer Insights

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netbase-logoNetBase, a global leader in enterprise social analytics, announced the integration and immediate availability of Facebook topic data as a new premium content source available on NetBase, the industry leading social analytics platform.

NetBase customers now have access to rich consumer insights based on the aggregated and anonymized stories and interests related to any topic, event, brand, competitor or industry being shared across the 1.59 billion active Facebook members – 70 percent of whom are active daily.[1] Integrating Facebook topic data with NetBase’s social analytics platform enables brands and agencies visibility into world’s largest social platform. Access to some of the richest consumer insight helps marketers everywhere enhance their strategies and campaigns to grow engagement and revenue.

Given the sheer size of the Facebook community, marketers have been vying to gain deeper insights into what people are sharing about their brands. Facebook topic data presents a new and interesting landscape for marketers and brands to explore to learn from and more effectively engage customers.” said Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group, a Prophet company.


Facebook topic data provides a direct view into what consumers are sharing and engaging with on Facebook, while protecting the privacy of Facebook members. A privacy first approach enables marketers to gain access to new highly sought after consumer insights of roughly 60 attributes including country, language and topics. Marketers now have access to highly valued self-declared demographic information of their consumers such as age, gender, location while aggregated insight into billions of interactions including posts, shares, likes, comments, tags, media types and links provides a strong foundation for audience marketing campaigns.

Many of our customers are already sharing passionate discussions about our brands and products on Facebook,” said Jenny Verbitsky, director of social intelligence at L’Oréal. “We are now able to have the complete picture of our social consumers allowing L’Oréal to maximize understanding and engagement with our loyal consumers.”

Understanding what audiences are sharing and engaging with on Facebook has long been a want of marketers everywhere. Facebook topic data provides unlimited opportunities for data driven marketers to create extraordinary campaigns to grow revenue and build brand equity.

Consumers are sharing their love, hate and passions across all social networks. Now with Facebook topic data, NetBase customers have the 360 degree visibility into their consumers that is needed to create winning campaigns that drive increased revenue and build loyal fans.” said NetBase CEO Peter Caswell.


[1] Pew Research Social Media Update 2014,


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