Continuum Analytics Announces Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks

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Continuum_logoContinuum Analytics, the creator and driving force behind Anaconda, the leading modern open source analytics platform powered by Python, announced several updates to the Anaconda platform that allow enterprise data science teams to collaborate easily. With the addition of Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks, enterprises now have the ability to tap the benefits of Jupyter (formerly known as iPython) Notebooks in a governed environment. The Anaconda platform includes AnacondaXL, which allows data science teams to integrate the power of Anaconda directly into Microsoft Excel and have the benefits of Anaconda at their fingertips.

Modern Open Data Science is a team sport – it requires communication, collaboration and sharing. Without Enterprise Notebooks, your data science team is like a football team without a playbook,” said Peter Wang, Continuum Analytics CTO and co-founder. “Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks gives your data science team the plays to work together and with the greater open data science community.”

Jupyter Notebooks have become a powerful way for users to share a data narrative with teams and the broader open data science community as lightweight applications. Notebooks encapsulate code, comments and visualization all in one place, but up until now have had limitations in the enterprise. With Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks, Continuum Analytics provides collaborative locking, version control, notebook differencing and searching needed to operate in the enterprise.

With the introduction of AnacondaXL, Anaconda can now easily integrates into the most widely-adopted business intelligence tool on the planet – Microsoft Excel. AnacondaXL provides data scientists with access to popular Python packages including scikit-learn and Pandas for machine learning enabling predictive analytics and data transformations. This empowers businesses to leverage skills-ready business analysts who come out of university with Python skills. AnacondaXL brings powerful visualizations to Microsoft Excel with Bokeh, breaking through the standard Excel charting to embed rich, contextually relevant visualizations into any spreadsheet.

Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks are available immediately and AnacondaXL will be available in March 2016.

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