Glint Introduces AI-for-HR™ with Smart Alerts that Predict Business Impact of At-Risk Employee Populations in Real-Time

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Glint_logoGlint, the real-time employee engagement platform, introduced AI-for-HR™, delivering real-time intelligence to help organizations make faster, more impactful people decisions. Today’s organizations recognize that engaged employees fuel business performance, but HR teams often lack the time, resources, and technology to uncover the insights that help them take timely, effective action on employee engagement data. Glint’s AI-for-HR™ technology eliminates the need for tedious manual analysis and automatically finds patterns and pivotal connections hidden deep inside the data that might otherwise be missed. This allows HR teams, leaders, and managers to quickly and easily make sense of engagement data, connect insights with outcomes, and begin to take meaningful action.

Glint’s Smart Alerts technology has proven very powerful—the platform identifies the biggest opportunities for improvement across a wide variety of attributes and combinations of attributes from business unit to location and even brand within eBay,” says Margarita Constantinides, Sr. Director of Talent Analytics at eBay. “Since day one, Glint’s technology has saved us valuable time and resources as we focused on providing our people with a world-class experience, helping us more effectively decide where to focus our efforts.”

Glint’s new Smart Alerts with Predictive Models leverages AI-for-HR™ technology to generate real-time alerts for employee populations that are at risk for increased attrition, decreased performance, or changes to other key performance indicators. This revolutionary capability can automatically monitor and find patterns across millions of data-points from disparate sources of data, while making predictions about key business outcomes (such as turnover, performance, customer satisfaction, sales, quality, etc.). Glint’s proprietary machine learning not only learns and adapts to each organization and team’s unique formula for success, but also continually updates itself as new information flows into the system.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will revolutionize the breadth and quality of insights and predictions that can be automatically extracted from people data. Smart Alerts with Predictive Models is just the first of many capabilities that will allow our platform to adapt to each client’s unique culture by learning from its people data,” said Goutham Kurra, co-founder and Head of Product at Glint. “Glint’s AI-for-HR™ will enable HR teams, leaders, and managers to deliver proactive solutions and interventions spanning the entire employee lifecycle. That translates to more effective organizations that build workforces that thrive and are better equipped to hit their strategic goals.”

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