Fuzzy Logix Announces Availability of Advanced Analytics Suite on Teradata Cloud

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Fuzzy_Logix_logoFuzzy Logix announced availability of its advanced analytics suite – DB Lytix™ – on Teradata Cloud, which provides best-in-class data warehousing, analytics and Hadoop capabilities on a subscription basis. DB Lytix enables analysts to perform predictive and advanced statistical analysis on Teradata Database using in-database analytics.

With increasing volumes of data, enterprises today can use Teradata Database as a Service, one of the primary offerings available with Teradata Cloud, to seamlessly scale up with their data warehousing and analytics requirements. At the same time, enterprises are also interested in performing analytics on their ever-increasing volume of data, yet conventional analytical tools still pose some serious challenges in performing analytics on data stored in the cloud. In general, analysts have to move the data from the cloud to a computing platform and perform the analytics on that platform: a potentially costly and time-consuming proposition.

I am thrilled that we have integrated a potent analytics tool like DB Lytix with Teradata Cloud,” said Partha Sen, CEO of Fuzzy Logix. “Advanced analytics using Teradata Cloud services, where one does not need to move data from the cloud at all, is a huge advantage for businesses looking for competitive advantage through speedy, accurate decision making.”

Using DB Lytix, analysts can now perform advanced statistical analysis in the cloud without moving any data at all. On Teradata Database as a Service, DB Lytix provides a library of around 700 functions in a variety of areas, such as: statistical analysis, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, data mining, time series analysis, text mining, financial analysis, and more. The ability to perform analysis directly in the database without movement of data is a huge advantage for analysts. In general, DB Lytix on Teradata Cloud is expected to be 10-100 times faster than alternative methods.

A software only product, DB Lytix gives businesses a more cost effective solution than traditional analytics tools, which require additional hardware.

Teradata Cloud is inherently fast, flexible, and powerful,” said Chris Towgood, Teradata Vice President of Products and Services Marketing.  “And with the integrated capabilities of DB Lytix now available, in-database analytics with improved throughput and performance means greater capabilities for customers of all sizes.”

DB Lytix is now generally available on Teradata Cloud.


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