New Infobright Approximate Query (IAQ) Debuts

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Infobright_logoInfobright, the columnar database analytics platform, announced its new Infobright Approximate Query (IAQ) solution for large scale data environments. IAQ provides rapid insight for complex datasets up to 1000 times faster than state-of-the-art processing architectures with similar hardware.

As data volumes exponentially increase, businesses struggle to maintain efficiencies within their data lake architectures.  Using a statistical modelling approach to render results for complex datasets, IAQ generates knowledge using analysis on vertical segments of data.  When data is loaded, intelligent algorithms evaluate the data and generate knowledge. The resulting meta-data can then be exposed for interactive, near real time insights, matching current state-of-the-art solutions with much lower cost and storage.

It is becoming more and more impractical in terms of resources and time for businesses to gain insight from multi petabytes, or even hundreds of petabytes, especially since not all use-cases require an exact answer to be derived from that data,” said Don DeLoach, Infobright CEO and President. “We created IAQ to help companies digest and analyze that data for fast and actionable insights. This translates into more and better algorithms to help companies achieve their business objectives and make smarter decisions that add to their bottom line.”

IAQ will seamlessly overlay on top of traditional relational environments as well as NoSQL environments such as Hadoop, Spark, Teradata, Cassandra, MongoDB, and others.  By complementing these ecosystems, IAQ alleviates the strain on these large clusters and efficiently optimizes performance of the overall data architecture.

Infobright’s new Approximate Query capability is a key component of our next generation offering, helping us to deliver significant advantages with big data to our customers,” said Joel Holland, Security On-Demand VP Technology and Operations. “Infobright has always based their product on the creation of powerful meta-data models, and it’s exciting to see them taking their solution to the next level. Infobright is a trusted and valued partner, and we look forward to the new opportunities IAQ will create for our customers.”

IAQ is based on highly mathematical models developed over a ten-year period, and backed by a variety of patents held by Infobright.


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