JSonar Announces Major Enhancements for SonarW Big Data Analytics Warehouse

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JSonar_logoJSonar today announced the availability of SonarW1.1 Big Data Analytics Warehouse. Release 1.0 made it possible for MongodDB users to have a single, consistent data management environment-based on JSON- for both OLTP and Analytics. Version 1.1 makes it dramatically simpler.

SonarW 1.1 delivers three key enhancements:

  • Sonar Oplog Collector for MongoDB: This feature allows setting up SonarW as a replica of MongoDB clusters so that data flows seamlessly between MongoDB and SonarW. Set up takes only a few minutes to provide automated support for both “replica” and “archive” modes-the latter making it simple to preserve history and snapshots of “what was” over long periods of time in a fast Big Data JSON archive.
  • SonarSQL: An easy to use and very functional SQL layer to allow access to JSON data using any mysql client. Data can be accessed from applications, clients and BI tools – all using rich SQL including full joins, unions, IN and NOT IN subqueries and more. NoSQL now truly means Not Only SQL – giving users the ability to run complex analytic queries using both Aggregation Framework pipelines and SQL.
  • Fast In-Database Text Operators: Text analysis and processing is a frequent need in analytics and search – so SonarW1.1 adds many capabilities to split, match, analyze and aggregate text all within the warehouse, making text-centric workloads hundreds and thousands of times faster.

jSonar’s approach of being MongoDB wire level compatible for SonarW allows for seamless compatibility and instant ease of use for our users – probably making it an industry first where a where a single set of drivers/tools/skills/knowledge cuts across both the Operational Data Store (ODS) and the Data Warehouse environment.” Said Ron Bennatan, CEO of jSonar. “Furthermore, in this release, our ease of use initiatives has resulted in getting warehousing and analytics projects for JSON and modern data stood up in hours versus days.”

SonarW v1.1 is available today.


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