New LA-Based Residency Delivers Functional Data Science Education

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DataScience_logoDataScience, Inc., a technology company that combines the power of human intellect with machine-powered data analysis to drive business results, announced it is opening the doors of the first data science education residency program. Called DS12, this 12-week program will bring 12 highly qualified candidates into the company to learn functional programming and the other skills necessary to succeed as part of a leading data science team. DataScience is now accepting applications on a rolling basis for the inaugural DS12 class, which begins June 13, 2016.

The DS12 residency program was designed to train and develop highly-skilled data scientists to work on big data teams at the world’s leading corporations. Under the guidance of DataScience’s experts and educators, including Chris McKinlay, the mathematician best known for reverse-engineering OkCupid’s matching algorithm, the DS12 curriculum will enable students to work on real business problems and terabyte-scale datasets, and to develop their programming skills in Scala, a functional programming language well-suited to scalable computation.

Data scientists have become a critical component of businesses today and will soon be the backbone of almost every major corporation. However, there are not enough skilled data scientists to meet growing demand — which is why we’re committing to training them right here in Los Angeles,” said Ian Swanson, founder and CEO, DataScience. “Unlike other data science bootcamps and higher education courses which focus on teaching foundational skills, DS12 embeds students in a data science company and teaches them the particular tools needed to succeed at the world’s most advanced data science teams.”

DataScience developed the DS12 program after seeing a significant gap in the market for more knowledgeable data scientists.

We receive over a thousand applications each month for roles at our company, yet very few have the experience or technical expertise to succeed in a company handling truly big data,” said Chris McKinlay, DS12 Director, DataScience. “Our strategy is very simple: Get the best possible participants and teach them to use the best possible tools. From this perspective, our choice of curriculum is straight-forward: Spark — which is essentially distributed Scala — is the Hadoop of the next ten years. As the experts in this field, we wanted to set the standard for our industry and develop an elite program to teach students the skills needed to manage and make sense of complex data challenges.”

The residency program guarantees career growth opportunities, and graduating candidates will either be hired at DataScience or introduced to leading companies nationally. The program is tuition-free, and some students may be eligible for financial assistance related to living expenses and housing.

The first inaugural class will begin June 13, 2016, and interested individuals with strong math and programming skills and a bachelor’s degree or higher are encouraged to apply. DS12 will take place in DataScience’s new, state-of-the art facility in Los Angeles, CA.


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  1. Great to see an education program focused on functional programming! Might need a leave of absence for this.