DimensionalMechanics Launches Out of Stealth with NeoPulse AI Platform

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DimensionalMechanics_LogoToday DimensionalMechanics, a company launching out of stealth to make artificial intelligence scalable in the enterprise, announced the close of an oversubscribed $4.7 million Series A round of financing and introduced NeoPulse™, a flexible cloud-based platform that will enable users to solve enterprise challenges by incorporating the power of AI into existing systems.

We believe DimensionalMechanics has huge potential to bring the power of AI to bear on real-world market challenges across a range of verticals,” said Kent L. Johnson, long-time Seattle VC /angel investor and DimensionalMechanics lead investor and board member. “By expanding the utility of AI as an applied science platform, the company is developing a horizontal platform flexible enough to address diverse challenges, rather than one that works in silos. Enterprise users want to unlock AI as a centerpiece of decision-making and operations – and DimensionalMechanics is forging the key.”

The investment round is comprised of angel investors as well as full board and founder participation. The funding will allow DimensionalMechanics to accelerate platform development and expand its diverse team of AI experts, engineers, mathematicians, physicists and others. DimensionalMechanics is on track to release an MVP version of its core platform, NeoPulse, in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Still in early stages of development, NeoPulse is an extensible cloud platform that will enable developers to build limitless applications. The agnostic platform will work across systems and devices, allowing users to integrate AI capabilities without restructuring existing software stacks and workflows.

We are on our way toward achieving our goal of building a robust AI platform that will enable enterprise users to answer far more complex questions than existing databases or AI systems currently allow – to move past answering, ‘What?’ so that we can answer, ‘Why?’” said Rajeev Dutt, the company’s co-founder and CEO. “To do this, we’re not only building applicability into NeoPulse’s very design, but taking a novel approach to machine learning. The current state of AI is like the early days of aircraft design. You can either try to replicate a bird, or you can focus on flying,” Dutt said. “At DimensionalMechanics, we’re focused on flying.”

NeoPulse understands what concepts are and makes connections – a sophisticated process of analysis and building associations to gain a broader understanding of the meaning of data and content. Dutt said his team is not trying to recreate a human brain, but to build a more sophisticated AI machine to reach the same endpoint that the human brain would.

DimensionalMechanics is actively seeking strategic technology partnerships as it builds out NeoPulse’s first phase of core capabilities. Based on DimensionalMechanics’ proprietary algorithms, the multi-year vision is for NeoPulse to drive:

  • Prediction: Placing content in context and making massive levels of associations will support predictive analysis and allow users to answer much more complex questions than traditional databases;
  • Content analysis and curation: The system can automatically experience rich data or content – watching a movie virtually, without human aid, for example – to learn from sensory input and understand sentiment, supporting robust media content analysis and curation;
  • Complex simulation and synthesis: The platform is able to synthesize multiple data objects to produce complex and highly realistic simulations, which can improve and accelerate rendering and design processes, as well as economic and other modeling;
  • Data optimization: NeoPulse will be able to filter out information that is unnecessary for human perception, delivering only what is needed and making data storage, management and distribution smarter, more efficient and less costly.

DimensionalMechanics is currently in discussions with multiple media and broadcast companies to build an application that will enhance media curation and analytics. It is also in talks with fashion and apparel technology providers to license technology and services DimensionalMechanics created to simulate highly realistic and dynamic 3D images based on body-type information and fabric properties.

Our AI platform has incredible potential to address enterprise challenges across multiple sectors – but in the near term we are focused on establishing a strong foothold in broadcast media and 3D simulation for design,” said Dave Hebert, co-founder and senior vice president of product. “We have an incredible team focused on these areas, which will give us a rock-solid launch pad into other verticals in the future.”


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