Unified security and Management Solution for BI that is Native on Hadoop

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ArcadiaDataTraditional BI and visualization tools rely on decentralized security models, which makes extracting and managing data from Hadoop complicated and vulnerable. By delivering a security architecture converged from within Hadoop’s distributed processing framework, rather than imposed from without, Arcadia Data continues to deliver on its vision of on-cluster analytics by eliminating the complexities of redundant, overlapping security management inherent in BI stacks which rely on moving data off-cluster. The on-cluster approach ensures data architects, analysts and administrators in IT organizations get a faster, more cost-effective and safer path to value with their big data environments.

Legacy BI and visualization tools do not integrate with Hadoop-based authorization projects like Apache Sentry and Apache Ranger. Administrators are required to redefine security roles and privileges redundantly, once at the Hadoop tier and then again in the BI environment. As such, these multiple definitions need to be synchronized periodically and can lead to an error-prone security environment.

Arcadia’s RBAC can automatically import group membership from underlying directory sources based on Active Directory, Kerberos, LDAP or SAML, as well as role membership and privilege information from Apache Sentry. This integration with Hadoop services centralizes policy definition and removes redundancy for administrators. These roles can be used to grant fine-grained access to users for drill down capability, all from visuals and granular row- and column-level access in the raw data. Arcadia’s visualizations deliver inherently secure endpoint access because it can publish globally accessible browser-based visualizations inside and outside the corporal firewall.

To learn more about Arcadia’s unified security and management solution visit HERE.

Watch Arcadia Enterprise in action in the video presentation below and see how easy it is to create beautiful, interactive reports and dashboards.

Arcadia hosted a webinar on Thursday, March 24 to discuss Hadoop adoption trends and the role security plays in big data architecture. Participants included Nik Rouda, Big Data Analyst and blogger at ESG, and Arcadia customers Tanwir Danish, VP of Product Development at Marketshare (a Neustar Solution), and Rajiv Synghal, Chief Architect, Big Data Strategy at Kaiser Permanente. You can watch the “When everyone wants Big Data, who gets it?” presentation HERE.

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