Altiscale Announces Partnership with Tableau for Easy Analysis of Big Data in the Cloud

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Altiscale_logo_NEWAltiscale, Inc., a leading provider of Big Data-as-a-Service, today announced a strategic partnership with Tableau Software, a global leader in rapid-fire, easy to use business analytics software, to quickly bring the visual agility of Tableau to Altiscale customers.

Enterprises are increasingly embracing Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark as the foundation for their Big Data strategy, storing and analyzing massive volumes of structured and unstructured data. The newly launched Altiscale Insight Cloud delivers a secure, scalable interactive analytics platform in the cloud based on Hadoop, Spark, and Hive, enabling exceptionally quick time to business value and transforming data into insight. Unlike other cloud data platforms, the Altiscale Insight Cloud is a fully managed service, with all operational services included, so that customers can experience the benefits of Big Data analytics without having to staff up large operational teams, waiting for IT to perform analytical preparation tasks, or forcing their data scientists and data engineers to serve as Hadoop administrators. This allows customers to deploy quickly and affordably, as well as avoid the challenges and expense of ongoing Hadoop and Spark management.

This new partnership with Tableau makes it easier for business analysts, IT professionals, and data scientists to access, analyze, and visualize the massive volumes of data available in Hadoop.

The volumes of market, product, and customer data that enterprises are rapidly accumulating will serve as the motive force behind the next wave of business innovation,” said Raymie Stata, CEO, Altiscale. “Today, this data, typically stored in Hadoop, is primarily the province of programmers and data engineers. With this new Tableau partnership, this high-potential information will be available more broadly within an organization to the tens of thousands of business analysts and other business professionals who use Tableau on a daily basis.”

With Tableau’s ease-of-use, tens of thousands of people from all disciplines can now quickly analyze, visualize and share information, both internally and with external consumers. There are several ways that Tableau can connect to Altiscale. Tableau can be directly connected to the Altiscale Insight Cloud via ODBC. Once connected, building a visualization is similar to working with other databases, where the user can drag and drop fields to create visualizations, filter data, utilize analytics, derive insights and ultimately publish out results to Tableau Server. Additionally, users can leverage intermediate solutions provided by Altiscale partners to first aggregate and catalog data prior to creating visualizations in Tableau.

Altiscale shares our mission to help people see and understand their data,” said Dan Kogan, Director of Product Marketing at Tableau. “Partnerships with leading Hadoop and Spark providers such as Altiscale help us to bring rich visual analytics to anyone within the enterprise looking to derive value from data.”

The partnership has been enthusiastically received by Altiscale and Tableau customers, such as GluPlay, a studio at Glu Mobile, a leading mobile gaming studio whose games include the fan-favorite DASH® series of games like Diner Dash® and Cooking Dash®. “We use Tableau broadly at GluPlay and we are enthusiastic customers of Altiscale,”said Richard Au, Sr. Technical Director, GluPlay. “The two companies working together will make it possible for us to take quick action on the insights from the fast-moving volumes of data that we get every day about our games, customers, and markets.”

We speak to enterprises across industries, such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and media, who are active and enthusiastic users of Tableau,” said Stata. “This new partnership will allow all of those users to make better business decisions and gather new insights, since they will have access to deeper, richer data sources on the Altiscale Insight Cloud, with analytics available through an easy-to-use, highly visual solution that they already know and like.”


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