Impetus Technologies Launches Data Warehouse Transformation Practice Powered by Automated Migration Toolkit

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Impetus Technologies, a software products and services company, announced the formation of a new data warehouse transformation practice. The practice is comprised of an innovative automation migration toolkit, as well as methodologies and services, that allow enterprises to rapidly migrate their data warehouses while preserving their investment in current implementations. As a result, Impetus Technologies can save enterprises millions of dollars annually by enabling them to cost-effectively and efficiently modernize their data warehouses to take advantage of big data for advanced analytics.

Most Fortune 1000 enterprises have major initiatives in place to modernize their enterprise data warehouse (EDW) infrastructure to be able to fully capitalize on the benefits of big data analytics,” said Venkat Chakravarthi, vice president, data warehouse transformation practice at Impetus Technologies. “Through our newly formed practice, enterprises will now be able to accelerate this outcome by taking advantage of the repeatable methodology and automation that we bring to bear on these initiatives.”

Tools and Services Span Entire Data Warehouse Transformation Cycle

Impetus Technologies’ data warehouse transformation practice offerings include an enhanced Workload Migration solution to help enterprises identify and safely migrate data, extract, transform, and load (ETL) processing and large scale analytics from the EDW to a big data warehouse (BDW). In addition, the company will offer a new Data Blending solution designed to address data ingestion from both internal and external sources, as well as unstructured, semi-structured and structured data. When combined with Impetus Technologies’ data warehouse transformation services, organizations will be modernized to take advantage of the capabilities big data provides.

Software Automation Tools

Impetus Technologies’ engineers have been at work for many years perfecting a migration toolkit that can assess and migrate data and complex SQL-based applications, thereby preserving years of investment by an enterprise. The toolkit comprises:

Workload Migration – A comprehensive automation toolset to automate the conversion of existing SQL-based scripts into equivalent HiveQL or SparkSQL for optimized execution in the Hadoop environment. Pre-built conversion logic is provided for Amazon Redshift, IBM (DB2, BLU Acceleration and Netezza), Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Teradata source data stores. Similar capabilities are underway for addressing SAP Hana workloads. Included are built-in assessment functions for offloads with intuitive workflow, enhanced features for quality checking during data migration, and tiered intelligent offloading with Apache Hbase, Apache Hive, Apache Phoenix, Apache Spark, Java and Scala. Additionally, it includes a library of advanced data science machine learning algorithms for solving difficult data quality challenges.

Data Blending – The only end-to-end, self-service tool based on open source technology in Hadoop, it provides a simple, easy-to-use interface to quickly connect multiple data sources allowing users to effortlessly blend data. It also provides an automated mechanism to build different datasets through blended data pipelines allowing users a four step process – connect, blend, publish and consume. This process accelerates offloading time and cost savings, delivers faster parallel and SQL processing using Hadoop along with streaming ETL options, maximizes existing SQL and stored procedure investments and reuse of tools. This reduces Hadoop migration project risk through the use of proven best practices and automated quality assurance checks for data and logic.

Modernization Services
Impetus Technologies’ experts utilize a structured, repeatable methodology to deliver a customizable range of services from assessment and planning, through implementation and data quality validation.

Assessment and planning – analyzes current EDW workloads and processing to identify high priority migration candidates. The output from this activity is a realistic blueprint and road map that includes a calculation of the expected ROI. These outputs are then used to define and guide the automated migration process.

Implementation and data quality validation – various resource options are available, ranging from the use of Impetus Technologies’ experts to perform the work, establishing a migration factory, guiding and augmenting internal teams, or some combination.


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