Dialpad’s Communications Analytics Provides Actionable Insights Across Voice and Messaging Usage

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dialpad_logoDialpad, communications for the modern workplace, today announced general availability of Dialpad Analytics, providing actionable insight into today’s mobile and distributed workforce. Dialpad Analytics works “out-of-the-box,” giving easy-to-use access to phone and messaging usage by person, department and location, enabling organizations to precisely visually understand employee engagement anywhere in the world. It enables modern workers to easily see their own usage and communications patterns to better manage their workday. With Dialpad Analytics, businesses finally have the power to improve employee engagement and productivity by understanding communications usage across any medium, a capability completely lacking in legacy phone systems and first-generation cloud-based communications platforms.

Vendors have essentially been robbing their customers for years,” said Dialpad CEO Craig Walker. “When you can’t access fine-grained usage details, you can’t see plummeting desktop phone usage so you can’t hold vendors accountable for their lack of value. Modern workers are on the move and communicating via voice and messaging, inside and outside the company, using multiple devices. Dialpad provides the analytics administrators have always wanted and needed to understand the relationship between communication patterns, productivity and innovation.”

Dialpad’s analytics are easy to use “out of the box,” automatically highlighting the information administrators and workers require and eliminating the need to export and dig down through complex tables and graphs. Administrators gain actionable insight into voice and messaging usage patterns to gauge how effectively workers connect with their audiences, no matter where they work, in remote offices or on the road. Insights include:

  • General productivity information, such as time on call and time between calls.
  • International calling patterns by office to gauge relative productivity and performance.
  • Vital sales information, such as missed calls and the number of voicemails received, to assess selling efficiency.

Top Dialpad Analytics Features

  • Automatic presentation of attractive graphs showing current calling trends – no need to download and make sense of data.
  • Statistics on calls for any office, department, or individual in an easy-to-understand visual format.
  • Minutes used by device, enabling administrators to understand how workers engage with audiences.
  • Number of messages per user – in and out of network.
  • A leaderboard ranking callers by number of calls, minutes, average length of call, missed calls and voicemails received.
  • Employee statistics accessible by individual workers showing the number of calls made and received each day, average call length, number of people contacted, and more.

In the world of the cloud, an analytics capability isn’t just for admins to track minutes,” said Dialpad’s VP of Product Vincent Paquet. “It’s a strategic enabler, allowing decision makers to fully assess how workers communicate and connect in order to improve worker engagement and productivity. It’s also for today’s workers, who like the idea of using analytics to understand how to better manage their time and connect with people. With Dialpad Analytics, we’ve eliminated all the complexity around accessing the analytics that users really want and need.”


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