Introducing Lucidworks View: Big Data Plug and Play

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LucidWorks_LogoA leading search and analytics software company Lucidworks today released Lucidworks View, which allows companies to quickly and easily create custom search-driven applications leveraging Apache Solr and Apache Spark. The new extension to Lucidworks’ flagship product Fusion, Lucidworks View simplifies Big Data’s most significant challenge — connecting to and creating value from a variety of data sources — empowering companies to quickly build meaningful data-driven experiences, regardless of technical expertise.

Data lives everywhere, across a growing set of formats and locations. Even the most mature companies struggle to not only wrangle it in high volumes but expose it in a meaningful way,” said Will Hayes, CEO, Lucidworks. “We built Lucidworks View to give our users the ability to rapidly create sophisticated applications for customers and, for the first time, truly plug and play with Big Data. Our aim is to eliminate the costly, time consuming complexities usually associated with the front- and back-end development of intelligent apps, moving companies quickly from the question, ‘What do I do with my data?’ to the statement, ‘Data drives every part of the business.'”

Lucidworks View is the only solution that empowers companies to build — within minutes — custom user interfaces that elevate the power of popular Apache Solr and Apache Spark. Whether they are building a recommendation-driven e-commerce site, searchable customer service portal, or internal fraud detection tool, companies can use Lucidworks View to give customers individualized access to essential information while equipping their workforce with the tools they need to make informed business decisions every day.

The capabilities of Lucidworks Fusion and View include:

  • Simple configuration and workflow: Developers and admins at any level of expertise can start building and deploying intelligent apps with just a few keystrokes and no code.
  • Out-of-the-box connectors for any dataset: Connect, ingest, and index data instantly from over 60 systems including MySQL, databases, JIRA, Slack, Logstash, local filesystems, and the web.
  • High levels of customization: Easily and quickly customize the interface to meet today’s sophisticated user expectations and present data in an intuitive, valuable way.
  • Instant personalization: Track user profiles and behavior to automatically cater the data experience through recommendations and personalized results.

I pointed Fusion at a few million documents, dropped View in the application folder, spent a few minutes configuring it, opened a browser, and immediately had a fully functional, customized, and branded legal library document search-driven application — a process that last time took us three months and hundreds of hours,” said Jerry Gray, IT Manager, County of Sacramento. “With View, I can have an app up and ready to run queries in about two hours with features like recommendations, personalization, typeahead, landing pages, custom document display, faceting, and sorting built right in. This product fits the needs of multiple customer departments so we are looking to implement on Lucidworks Fusion and View for them as well. It’s exactly what we needed: world-class search delivered before lunch!”

Lucidworks View is available today. For more information and to download the product, please visit:

Lucidworks is the commercial sponsor of Apache Lucene/Solr, one of the largest open source projects in the world. The company employs some of the foremost Solr experts and has contributed 70 percent of the project’s code, helping to improve and guide the direction of the most popular search technology. Companies like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, American Express, Allstate, State Farm, Verizon, Staples, Target, John Deere, Cisco and Red Hat rely on Lucidworks to power search inside their organizations.


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