Can Spark Data Tools Stamp Out Cyber Crime?

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The video presentation below discusses how big data engines like Apache Spark are being deployed to help detect and put an end to ad fraudulence. Spark allows for enterprises across various sectors, including security firms, to extract data in real time to catch patterns and help halt fraudulent activities and breaches earlier.

Today, advertisers are losing an estimated $7.2 billion to fraud per year. Hackers have found a new way to beat the system by creating undetectable internet robots that can’t be differentiated from human users. These bots are being utilized to view pages, ultimately leaving advertisers responsible to pay for those views. WhiteOPS, the botnet-detecting cybersecurity firm, is working to solve this problem. By implementing Spark through the Databricks platform, WhiteOPS is able to detect fraudulent activities in real time and create a generic detection model for their customers, allowing for them to analyze the data behind each attack more efficiently.

The presentation is courtesy of our friends over at theCUBE from Spark Summit East 2016 featuring Tamer Hassan, cofounder and CTO of White Ops, Inc.


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