MapD Launches Fast GPU Database and Visual Analytics Platform

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MapD_logoMapD Technologies unveiled its GPU-powered database and visual analytics software platform that enables data analysts to interactively explore large data sets at high speed. In addition to the general availability of its products, MapD announced that it has closed $10M in Series A funding from an investment syndicate led by Vanedge Capital with participation from Verizon Ventures and Nvidia Corporation, joining earlier investor GV (formerly Google Ventures).

The MapD database pioneers the use of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to allow SQL queries to be executed in parallel across nearly 40,000 cores per server, yielding massive speedups over leading in-memory databases. When paired with the MapD Immerse analytics front end, the system delivers instant visual insights into complex data sets.

Startups like MapD are highly disruptive thanks to the power of GPUs,” said Jeff Herbst, VP of Business Development and head of Nvidia GPU Ventures. “By using GPUs, MapD can process complex data sets faster, in a smaller footprint, using less energy than conventional big data solutions that only use CPUs. We believe MapD has a real chance at upending the status quo in data analytics.”

MapD’s products have found significant early traction across a range of big data use cases, including log analytics, GIS, business intelligence, and social media analytics. Early adopters have included Fortune 500 companies in the telecom, retail, finance, and adtech sectors. MapD’s technology was incubated at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) by founder Todd Mostak under the supervision of database luminary Sam Madden.

MapD’s products allow businesses to analyze and interact with data at speeds never before possible”, said Moe Kermani, Managing Partner of Vanedge Capital. “Analyses that used to take hours to complete can now be done in milliseconds. For customers, this means superior understanding of their data, real-time actionable insights, better and more timely decisions. We see this as a healthy investment round from a notable group of investors, and are excited to partner with Todd and his team.”

Bringing GPU Power to Business Analytics

One of MapD’s early customers, Verizon, has seen the evidence of GPU computing’s ability to dramatically accelerate their data analytics process. Principal Architect Abdul Subhan said, “MapD is a rapid SQL compatible database – in our benchmark tests, it returned query results in milliseconds.”

By reducing the time it takes to analyze and visualize data from hours to milliseconds, we’re enabling organizations to spend significantly less time crunching data and more time analyzing it and making important decisions based on that data,” said Founder and CEO of MapD Todd Mostak. “MapD’s orders-of-magnitude speed advantage will be hugely beneficial to industries and organizations where real-time decision making is critical.”

The MapD database and Immerse visualization platform are now available for deployment on premises, or in the cloud via IBM Softlayer or Amazon AWS.


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