Informatica Launches Intelligent Data Lake to Help Customers Address Critical Technology Gaps for Turning Big Data into Big Value

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informatica-logoInformatica, a leading independent software provider focused on delivering transformative innovation for the future of all things data, announced a new end-to-end solution to turn big data into trusted data assets for faster and more sustainable business value. With the Informatica Intelligent Data Lake – Informatica’s latest innovation in Big Data Management – data scientists and other business users can now find, prepare and protect data for analysis in a uniquely collaborative way that enables businesses to make decisions even faster, with managed self-service. By partnering with all the major big data ecosystem vendors and system integrators, Informatica is adding intelligence to data lakes by providing the unique insights into this data that only a leader in data management can do. According to Gartner, “through 2018, 80% of data lakes will not include effective metadata management capabilities, making them inefficient.” [1] However, Informatica’s unique metadata-driven approach now enables organizations to deliver successful data lakes, with agility, flexibility and trust.

Informatica announced Big Data Management v10.1, empowering organizations to turn big data into business value by exploiting relationships between data, machines and people. The transformative innovation for business leaders within Informatica Big Data Management is the Informatica Intelligent Data Lake. Previously, business leaders were reliant on IT to access the data they required for decision making and IT was reliant on manual, labor-intensive approaches to integrate, govern and secure big data in a fragmented technology ecosystem. In response, business users have started to use self-service data preparation tools, which are limiting since they inadvertently create security and compliance risks from expanding data anarchy and proliferation.

In order to achieve sustainable business value for organizations, Informatica delivers the solution which balances self-service with governance. Unlike other solutions, the Informatica Intelligent Data Lake bridges both the business and IT gaps by providing managed self-service for business with IT governance, including the ability to find and access any data centrally and discover data relationships. Additionally, the Informatica solution prepares, catalogs and shares relevant data to derive and operationalize trusted business insights quickly.

Business self-service data preparation with collaboration and governance controls is a key capability to increasing the agility of data-driven organizations,” said Sridhar Potineni, executive vice president, Information Technology, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). “At JLL, Big Data Management with an Intelligent Data Lake is an important foundation for the success of our modern data architecture and big data initiatives.”

Informatica Big Data Management provides the most comprehensive end-to-end data management solution for big data initiatives. Gartner predicts, “through 2018, 70% of Hadoop deployments will fail to meet cost savings and revenue generation objectives due to skills and integration challenges.” [2] The approach that Informatica has taken with the Informatica Big Data Management Platform is to provide a complete solution, including data ingestion, cleansing, transformation, matching, blending, governance, security and delivery, to provide the most critical capabilities for turning big data into business value.

Informatica Delivers Business Value for Business and IT

Informatica Big Data Management and Intelligent Data Lake enable customers to find, prepare and protect the big data that businesses need to quickly and consistently achieve business value. Informatica’s approach accelerates developer productivity and analyst productivity, while enabling IT agility in a fully secure and governed environment. With Informatica’s market leading platform, proven methodology and strong partner ecosystem, big data projects are delivered on-time to meet business needs.

Continuing to stay ahead of customers’ needs for processing performance, Informatica Big Data Management provides even more abstraction from rapid changes in underlying technology by extending transparent support for Spark. Additionally, Informatica safe-guards organizations’ future requirements by adding support for leading environments, including Amazon Web Services Elastic Map Reduce and Microsoft Azure HDInsight. Informatica delivers the most comprehensive big data management solution for clients, no matter where their data resides – on-premises, in the Cloud or in hybrid IT environments. This ensures that customers always have the ability to process the widest possible workloads at efficient speeds and costs.

Find and Access Any Data and Discover Data Relationships that Matter

Business analytics and data science teams are held back from creating useful insights because they are forced to manually find and reconcile data across the organization that resides in silos, is replicated and is inconsistent. Only Informatica Big Data Management and Intelligent Data Lake, with metadata-driven data discovery and persistent record linkage, enable organizations to find and access any data and discover the data relationships that matter most to them across the enterprise.

Quickly Prepare, Catalog and Share the Data

Business analytics and data science teams are constrained and bottlenecked in their ability to create a competitive edge for their organizations due to delays in accessing needed data and sharing it with one another in a timely manner. Informatica Big Data Management and Intelligent Data Lake empower business users to quickly prepare, catalog and share data that is needed for analysis. Only Informatica’s self-service data preparation, with built-in data lineage, enterprise-wide data asset discovery and crowdsourced data asset tagging, enables faster access to more trusted insights.

More Business Value from More Data without More Risk

Business analytics and data science teams are at risk of delivering inaccurate reports and predictions due to insufficient, incomplete, inconsistent, inaccurate or insecure data. Informatica Big Data Management and Intelligent Data Lake enable business users to put more big data to use to get more business value. Only Informatica provides sensitive data discovery across the enterprise alongside threat assessment using a unique risk scoring engine. 

Comprehensive Protection of Sensitive Big Data

Informatica’s most recent release of Informatica Secure@Source is the first data security intelligence solution to provide enterprise-wide analytics on sensitive data risk across complex heterogeneous data platforms, including Cloud, big data and traditional databases. The security solution expands big data and cloud support, including integration with Salesforce and Informatica Big Data Management. Today, Informatica offers the ability for organizations to discover sensitive data in Hive and do advanced masking for Hadoop via dynamic data masking for Hive. Additionally, Informatica was named Grand Winner by Info Security Products Guide and received 10 accolades for Secure@Source, big data security and data masking.


Informatica Big Data Management v10.1 will be available in Q2 via subscription.


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  1. Great announcement. The amount of data that companies will have to work with will be increasing rapidly in the future and having better ways to manage this data and get the value out of it more efficiently will be the key to success. Informatica as always is providing amazing tools to help achieve just that.