Paxata Continues to Redefine the Traditional Data-to-Information Pipeline with New Spring ‘16 Release

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paxataPaxata, provider of the Adaptive Data Preparation™ platform for the enterprise, announced the availability of its Spring ’16 product release. Paxata’s latest release bridges the gap between analysts and IT with new intuitive capabilities, providing connected information to every person in the enterprise without compromising on security, scale, and cost efficiency. Spring ’16 also enables analysts to collaboratively explore and prepare all of their data no matter the source or format.

Our investigations involve a great deal of unknowns in the data, and our customers turn to us to make sense of it,” said Conrad Mulcahy, Associate Managing Director and Director of Data Analytics, K2 Intelligence. “Paxata’s Spring ’16 release allows K2 to do a highly sophisticated MRI on the data. Paxata already showed us hard tissue versus soft tissue, but now we can distinguish between different kinds of soft tissue. Granular observations can be made on the data at an early stage with all of the new capabilities: sophisticated sampling options, cluster and edit, column search and support for nested files. Paxata keeps us from going in the wrong direction early on, keeps us focused, and gets the dialogue with the client headed in the right direction. It’s hard to put a price on how valuable that is for us as investigators, having our clients know that we’re not wasting their valuable time or resources.”

Paxata’s new release serves as another milestone in Paxata’s mission of delivering connected information to every person in the enterprise, without compromising on security, scale, and cost efficiency. Key features of Paxata’s Spring ’16 release includes:

  • Advanced filtergrams for comprehensive data profiling with semantic-awareness of timestamp and numeric data, automatically suggested intelligent visualizations and custom bucketing
  • Smart integration of complex nested JSON/XML data and Hadoop compressed files – unfolded, flattened and ready for multi-structured data analysis to address IoT and other high-value use cases
  • Granular searching across all columns of wide datasets and in every cell value for patterns, outliers and duplicate values
  • New options for iterative and flexible data discovery with smart statistical selections of datasets at any scale

Cloudera is committed to advancing Hadoop as a mainstream platform that improves customer experiences and drives new revenue streams through highly scalable, more intelligent storage and processing capabilities,” said Tim Stevens, vice president, Business and Corporate Development at Cloudera. “Paxata continues to deliver on the promise of the Hadoop ecosystem with numerous joint customers who have amplified the benefits of their Cloudera platform by making it accessible through Paxata’s connected information platform for self-service data quality, integration, governance and collaboration.”

In addition to providing quick access to data, the new release provides IT-specific controls to support governance, security and scale, including:

  • Visual column-lineage for detailed and understandable traceability
  • REST API for SAML for complete integration into the IT environment
  • Ability to use analyst projects as repeatable “recipes” to build into ETL, virtualized views or data quality dashboards

Since we began the self-service data preparation revolution, we set the pace for delivering major advancements against our roadmap. With every quarterly release, we ask two questions, the first being ‘how do we make the life of the analyst easier so they can go from raw data to the right information regardless of analytic use case?’” The second is ‘how do we lead the industry in moving from legacy scale-up, on-premise, relational worlds to distributed, elastic cloud, scale-out architectures?’” said Prakash Nanduri, Co-Founder and CEO of Paxata. “Every major Fortune 1000 corporation is moving to this new world and Paxata is leading the way. The Spring ’16 release is another major advancement in this transformation. I am proud of the hard work of our team, customers and partners.”

Additional details about the Paxata Spring ’16 release can be found HERE.


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