Intelligent Crowdsourcing Platform Transforms Businesses’ Unstructured Data Into Actionable Insights

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Spare5 LogoSpare5 announced general availability of its Intelligent Crowdsourcing Platform to provide product leaders the human insights they need to act on their unstructured data. The Platform leverages a known community of specialists to accomplish custom micro-tasks that, filtered for quality, allow product owners to train powerful artificial intelligence models, improve their search and browse experiences, augment their directories and more. Spare5’s first wave of customers includes Avvo, Expedia, Getty Images, GoPro, IBM and Sentient Technologies.

Spare5 is valuable part of our product development for Sentient Aware, our AI-powered shopping assistant,” explained Myles Brundage, Director at Sentient Technologies, a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions. “With Spare5’s unique ability to access people with specific domain experience, we are able to quickly validate our AI-generated models by comparing them to how people perceive certain nuances between different retail products.”

Spare5’s proprietary platform applies a combination of human insights and machine learning to solve the increasingly complex problem of utilizing unstructured data – one of the most challenging and fastest growing data sources today, including images, video, social media content and text messages. According to IDG, unstructured data is growing at the rate of 62 percent annually. By 2022, 93 percent of all data will be unstructured. Spare5’s data solution leverages a secure network of qualified individuals, and the ability to engage the right human in the right loop to deliver the best insights into unstructured data. This proprietary approach ensures that product leaders can make the best use of their data, ultimately building great products.

The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is true, but it’s just the beginning. Spare5 is providing us breakthrough value by delivering nuanced human insights into our photos, at a value and scale that was unthinkable just a year ago,” commented Steve Heck, CTO of Getty Images, the world’s leading provider of high-quality imagery.

The Right Human in the Right Loop: Applying Human Insights to Machine Learning

Recognizing that all people have some expertise, valuable interests and free time, Spare5 has amassed a community of subject matter specialists with wide-ranging skills and demographics, and built a library of game-like tasks. This approach enables Spare5 to ensure the right task goes to the right person.  To continuously improve accuracy, Spare5’s Reputation Engine™ applies machine learning to rate each individual’s performance by domain.

Spare5 filters task results for accuracy through a rigorous quality assurance process that includes Spare5’s proprietary machine learning algorithms. As customers use the platform over time, the process becomes faster, smarter and better. This combination of specialized human insights and machine learning provides customers with clean, enriched, labeled data that in-house methods cannot produce or would otherwise go unused due to the limitations of current data quality tools.  Using a variety of SDKs and APIs, the data can be easily integrated into existing data workflows and exported to produce top-line business reports.

Our mission is to tap the world’s potential brainpower,” said Matt Bencke, Founder and CEO of Spare5. “Businesses need specialized human insights to solve complex data problems. It used to be somewhere between impossible and impractical to crowdsource specialized insights at scale, with confidence and speed. Not anymore. We love seeing our customers get the help they need to interpret unstructured data, while freeing up their employees to focus on their core competencies. There is a profound difference when the right human intelligence powers machine learning. And we’ve just begun.”

Availability, Pricing & Resources

Companies can start using Spare5’s Intelligent Crowdsourcing Platform by signing up today at Spare5 offers a subscription service whereby companies can easily join the platform, gain access to a variety of task templates and work with one of our dedicated team members. Pricing varies depending on customization, task complexity and specialty.


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