6sense Launches 2sense to Deliver Rapid Time-to-Value of Intent Activity on the B2B Web

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6sense_logo6sense, a predictive intelligence platform for B2B marketing and sales, announced the launch of 2sense, a first of its kind product to solve the biggest problem plaguing marketing and sales teams – understanding buyer timing. The patent-protected technology finds buyers in active buying cycles for a particular product need. 2sense connects the outside world of buyer intent activity data from the 6sense Exclusive Data Network with internal customer digital activity. This provides customers the immediate competitive advantage of being the first to know when prospects, known or net-new, enter a buying cycle.

The 6sense Exclusive Data Network collects billions of buying signals across web destinations where B2B buyers do their research: publisher sites, buying guide portals, blogs, review site, communities, search engine queries and more. The breadth of the 6sense Exclusive Data Network sets the company apart from an industry focused solely on “who” the buyer is, rather than “when” a buyer is in-market with a specific need. For enterprise and mid-market companies looking for actionable data in days, 2sense delivers value without the need for any extensive system integrations or large on-boarding and roll-out projects.

We’re bringing 2sense to market in response to what we’ve heard from customers and prospects wanting to rapidly take advantage of our exclusive footprint of B2B centers of research to find accounts that are in active buying cycles,” said 6sense CEO Amanda Kahlow. “With 2sense, companies can start their journey with predictive in a matter of days, gaining results to drive media execution and all account-based marketing tactics, from outbound prospecting, targeting and segmentation, to personalization. In B2B selling, timing is everything – are they ready to buy or are you too late? Other predictive companies focus on static, unchanging firmographics to help you find the ideal buyer profile but won’t give you the answer to ‘when’.”

As sales and marketing strategies become increasingly driven by data, 2sense was built to quickly deliver the necessary insights to help marketers identify accounts in active buying cycles before they raise their hand or fill out a demand gen form. Unlike other solutions on the market that scrape the web for static firmographic data and provide look-alike profile fit models, which do not factor for timing or prospect needs, 2sense leverages the 6sense Intent Data Network to uncover the buying signals that can help target the right audience at the right time, when they have demonstrated a need and propensity to purchase.

We specifically selected 2sense for three different reasons,” said HP vice president and global head of marketing insights and analytics Kevin Bolden. “The first was time to capability, it was important for us to have this capability up and running very quickly. The second was time to value, the idea of us being able to quickly measure the value of 2sense without doing large investments was important. The final piece was being able to leverage other people’s models rather than us building models from scratch.”

HP’s sales and marketing operations deployed the 2sense platform to provide its teams with the insights to identify accounts by each HP product who were in an active buying cycle for HP products. Prior to 2sense, HP focused on segmentation using internal data, static company firmographics and typical lead scoring techniques, but were unable to gauge timing of prospects in market for its products. In addition to gaining visibility into timing, 2sense allows HP to target prospects who are already leaning in and deploy account-based sales and marketing efforts tailored to their specific needs and pain points at the time.


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