TIBCO Cloud Services Transport Businesses to Their Digital Destinations

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TIBCO_logoTIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration and analytics, announced the launch of TIBCO® Cloud Services, a comprehensive tool-set for enterprises leveraging the cloud in pursuit of digital transformation. With the massive growth in big data, cloud, the Internet of Things, and mobile technologies, enterprises today must be equipped to quickly discover and leverage emerging business opportunities in a hyper-connected world. TIBCO provides the connective tissue for this type of digital business transformation through cloud services that enable DevOps-ready, container-based architectures and scalable, persuasive integration. TIBCO Cloud Services are customizable by design, allowing organizations to create bespoke usage solutions depending on the workflow and needs of a particular operations model or division. Developers can create, publish, and consume APIs and use packaged connectors or create their own integrations. Line-of-business users can connect SaaS applications to run only the business processes necessary for the operation of their domain. Industrious digital citizens are enabled to connect existing SaaS services and new sources of data together to streamline their work. To facilitate these capabilities, the core of TIBCO Cloud Services proffers three key solutions: TIBCO® Cloud IntegrationTIBCO BusinessWorks™ Container Edition, and TIBCO Simplr™.

The cloud is now the key resource for providing enterprises with the ability to extend access to and understand data, and to draw meaningful insights from that information to grow their businesses,” said Matt Quinn, executive vice president of products & technology and chief technology officer, TIBCO. “TIBCO Cloud Services make up a comprehensive platform to enable organizations to achieve their digital transformation, letting users connect everything and augment their intelligence with data.”

TIBCO Cloud Integration Is the One-Stop Shop for API Development and Management

TIBCO Cloud Integration is a lightweight, streamlined platform for the cloud to create, integrate, and publish APIs. As a central component to digital business transformation, APIs act as the bridge for users to deliver data and capabilities throughout the enterprise where they are needed, when they are needed. To enhance the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform, we have incorporated TIBCO Mashery® and its industry-leading API management capabilities into the suite. By bringing together expertise in API creation and integration functionality with powerful API management capabilities, the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform provides a new and distinct service for controlling the entire API lifecycle.

TIBCO Cloud Integration is available for immediate purchase or as a free 30-day trial here. Additional information about TIBCO Cloud Integration can be accessed at the product website here.

TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition Expands to Support Multiple Cloud Environments

TIBCO is known for developing solutions to the most complicated integration and workload problems facing digital businesses. TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, TIBCO’s latest integration platform, enables large organizations to gain all the value of cloud-based deployments and achieve continuous delivery while rapidly scaling to meet peak demand. TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition empowers developers to build cloud-native applications more quickly and easily by focusing on service functionality, while much of the complex work of integrating applications and microservices is streamlined via automation.

As companies continue to maximize their investments in the cloud, TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition expands to offer the ultimate flexibility to develop, test, and manage cloud applications in multiple environments, including Pivotal Cloud Foundry®, Kubernetes™, and Docker®. With the only multi-cloud container platform for integration on the market right now, developers are freed to create the cloud solution that works best for their organizations, unbridled by what works best for their tools.

For more information about TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, please visit the product page or download the data sheet.

TIBCO Simplr Automates Interaction Between Cloud Applications

TIBCO Simplr is a business service that leverages the no-code concept to enable the average digital citizen to automate tasks with just a few menu selections and some simple configuration settings. For instance, knowledge workers can mix and match flows to automate interaction between cloud applications, accomplishing previously complicated tasks such as transferring information between different databases with a few clicks of the mouse. Since introducing TIBCO Simplr last fall, there has been significant adoption of the self-service tool for managing digital business functions on the fly. TIBCO Simplr also integrates with TIBCO Spotfire® for self-service data analysis, enabling users to create streamlined visualizations to better draw and communicate meaningful insights from data. 

To learn more about TIBCO Simplr and to sign up for access to the beta version, please visit here. For more information about TIBCO Cloud Services, please visit the webpage here.


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