Koverse Launches New Big Data Platform to Bring Lackluster Hadoop Deployments to Production in Under 30 Days

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Koverse_logoKoverse, Inc. today announced the release of the Koverse Platform Version 2.0, a significant leap forward for any organization trying to extract value out of their investments in big data and analytics. With the availability of the Koverse Platform Version 2.0, including a powerful, robust and patent-pending Universal Indexing Engine, Koverse is offering companies a 30-day guarantee to bring their data into production with a data lake capable of simultaneously delivering insights for real-world organizational challenges.

Existing approaches to extracting meaning and insights from big data are too complex, too expensive and take far too long to get results. Koverse changes all of that by offering the only unified solution for extracting maximum value from organizations’ investments in Hadoop by bringing big data to production in a fraction of the time compared to existing approaches. The new version of the Koverse platform provides a “data lake in-a-box,” incorporating four core production capabilities: 1) Ingesting any type of data using Koverse’s patent pending Universal Indexing Engine; 2) Discovering and interrogating data in real time with unlimited scale; 3) Providing built-in granular data access control security, and 4) Enabling data scientists and developers to quickly create and deploy analytics and use cases with their favorite tools.

Koverse reduces the complexity and inefficiencies of putting big data into production across an organization. Simply put, we make data work and we are confident that we can make it work for any organization in one month or less,” said Jon Matsuo, Koverse President and CEO. “We are moving the concept of data lake from marketing hype to reality and our growing customer base is a validation of that.”

Koverse’s Version 2.0 is available immediately and the new features are available to existing customers as a free upgrade. Key new capabilities include:

  • Data Import Wizard – Data ingestion intothe data lake is now a self-service feature. This eliminates the need for any special configurations, development, data characterization or help from system administrators to ingest new data sources.
  • Universal Indexing Engine – This breakthrough feature provides thousands of users with real-time, lightning-fast data access covering all fields in all data sets with no advanced configuration for either new or updated data sets.
  • Self-Service Forensic Search – Forensic search can be used by anyone in an organization to get the data they need for a specific problem or question, securely, within seconds via a simple and scalable search interface.  This search capability is showcased at demo.koverse.com.
  • Flexible Organization of Data Sets – Koverse customers are frequently importing hundreds of data sets, and it now allows flexibility in grouping and naming of data sets for greater ease of use.
  • Tableau, Excel, Python, Spark, SQL and H2O Integration – Users and data scientists/developers can now use a range of industry-standard tools to securely and efficiently tap into data in Koverse directly from their preferred environments and push data back into Koverse for broader consumption.


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