“Above the Trend Line” – Your Industry Rumor Central for 6/21/2016

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Above the Trend Line: machine learning industry rumor central, is a recurring feature of insideBIGDATA. In this column, we present a variety of short time-critical news items such as people movements, funding news, financial results, industry alignments, rumors and general scuttlebutt floating around the big data, data science and machine learning industries including behind-the-scenes anecdotes and curious buzz. Our intent is to provide our readers a one-stop source of late-breaking news to help keep you abreast of this fast-paced ecosystem. We’re working hard on your behalf with our extensive vendor network to give you all the latest happenings. Heard of something yourself? Tell us! Just e-mail me at: daniel@insidebigdata.com.  Be sure to Tweet Above the Trend Line articles using the hashtag: #abovethetrendline.

There is SO much happening in the Big Data space, that we’re pleased to bring you this list of news snippets. Enjoy! In new product news, PernixData, a leader in analytics-driven flash storage, announced the general availability (GA) of Architect version 1.1 and FVP version 3.5, the premier platforms for infrastructure analytics and server-side storage acceleration. Based on extensive analysis of data collected from PernixData’s comprehensive installed base of over 800 companies who are optimizing over 500,000 VMs, several new features were added to the products that facilitate the deployment, usability, and reporting features of FVP and Architect software.  These include a new management server, support for Raw Device Mapping (RDM), and performance charts and views that easily demonstrate the benefits of PernixData software for storage design, management, and optimization … We also heard that Exabeam, a leader in user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) for security, announced Exabeam Analytics for Ransomware, a new application designed for early detection of ransomware, one of the most pressing security threats in 2016. With this new application, Exabeam can provide significant early detection across the corporate network, in the absence of third party security controls. Unlike other security products, Exabeam can detect ransomware movement and activity in the network, the servers, workstations, BYOD devices, and cloud services … Push Technology  unveiled a new approach to real-time messaging with its product, Reappt. With a revamped pricing model designed to lower application costs, and patent-pending efficiency features for streaming JSON data, developers now have far greater control of application performance, resilience and scale. For a given data object, Push Technology’s delta streaming feature provides clients only the differences between old and new data, rather than providing the entire JSON payload – limiting the need to send markup that isn’t changing from one message to the next. Delta streams greatly reduce the bandwidth requirements and latency, offering up to 90% data efficiency improvement. In addition, developers can continue to integrate with existing JSON objects natively making it fast and easy to add binary delta streaming to any application … A particularly noteworthy people movement news item has industry visionary and analyst, Michele Goetz heading up Paxata’s marketing efforts and help drive the Data Prep market as a whole to the next level. Michele is coming to Paxata from Forrester Research where she was one of the most sought out analysts leading research and helping enterprise organizations and government agencies define their strategies to build next generation data and insight platforms that drive business results and transformation. Most notably, she championed research on data preparation solutions, practices, and insight into this emerging market … We also have some cool customer wins for a group of our favored big data vendors starting with Coho Data, a leading innovator and provider of true scale-out infrastructure solutions for the enterprise private cloud, announcing Tabush Group is integrating the company’s virtual desktop offering with Coho’s DataStream scale-out storage platform in Boxtop™, Tabush’s all-in- one virtual workspace cloud IT solution. Tabush Group is a leading provider of virtual workspace, private cloud, and managed IT services, specializing in delivering technology solutions for small to midsize professional services firms … Also, Cloudian is taking the lead in the world’s first smart, roadside advertising system with real-time vehicle targeting, piloted in Tokyo. Cloudian is a leading provider of HyperStore, smart data object storage software. Other companies involved are Dentsu – a renowned global advertising and PR agency; Quanta Cloud Technology and Intel Corp. are providing infrastructure support. The goal of the pilot is to illustrate a smart data-enabled, targeted roadside advertising system for a smart city/IoT experience. The first stage (fall 2015 to winter 2016) involved using the Cloudian HyperStore software’s deep learning analysis capabilities (AI for automatic feature recognition) to train the system to recognize thousands of vehicle makes and models. Once HyperStore was trained up, the team tested the system to recognize oncoming vehicles in a real-life, real-time environment. Meanwhile, Dentsu created ads that are targeted toward specific vehicles. For instance, a Toyota Prius driver may be served a dynamic display ad for an eco friendly product, while the next car, a Ford 150, may receive an ad for an upcoming adventure movie … Heard on the street about Condé Nast announcing the launch of Condé Nast Spire, a groundbreaking new data offering, powered by 1010data’s leading insights platform and proprietary data sets.  Condé Nast Spire will combine the Condé Nast’s extensive first-party behavioral data – which includes more than one trillion new data points every month – with 1010data’s consumer purchase data to identify, target and optimize correlations between consumers’ content consumption and their purchase activity.  A first-of-its-kind product, Condé Nast Spire will surface insights between unrelated categories, giving Condé Nast a deeper understanding of overall consumer behavior and attitudes from inspiration through purchase … And another good win for Qlik® (NASDAQ: QLIK), a leader in visual analytics, announcing that Arc’teryx, a technical high-performance outerwear and equipment company, is using the Qlik visual analytics platform to transform its operational efficiencies and expand its global footprint. By leveraging Qlik Sense® and Qlik® DataMarket, Arc’teryx is now able to analyze large amounts of internal and external data sources, empowering decisions makers to make data-driven decisions about the expansions of brick-and-mortar locations, service and delivery, and supply chain efficiencies … In regard to the big acquisition news last week, the benefits of graph technology (including the ability to track relationships between people, places and things) could be key capabilities leading to Microsoft’s largest acquisition to date, LinkedIn. In fact, during a conference call about the acquisition, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner stated that “When you combine Microsoft’s corporate graph with LinkedIn’s social graph, you can take a leap forward with that information.” Speaking with insideBIGDATA about the acquisition, Reltio CEO Manish Sood states: “Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn reflects not only the value of the incredible professional network of 433M members, but an indirect endorsement of the technology and architecture that LinkedIn has built to manage data at that size and scale. The power of graph is on full display in the LinkedIn acquisition. The same graph concepts are increasingly being used by B2B enterprises across all industries to manage the expanding universe of relationships across customers, suppliers and their products” … According to a recent survey that Alteryx, a self-service data analytics provider, sponsored with Harvard Business Review, more than 60 percent of business and IT leaders say they depend on data analytics specialists and data scientists for their data-analysis work. In addition, many respondents say they’re dissatisfied with both the speed of these specialists’ responses and the quality of their work. For them, slower time to analysis means lost productivity, decisions that may be off because they are made more on “gut instinct” than real data insights, etc. The line of business user wants fast access to their data tools so that they can make the right decisions, and they want it now. The top three concerns of executives when it comes to analytics are ease of use (79%), accessibility (75%) and speed (75%). Unfortunately, no more than a third say they’re getting these features from current tools … Finally, we learned that Loop AI Labs, a leading provider of unsupervised cognitive computing technologies, has been recognized in Ovum’s “On the Radar” report, for providing an easy-to- deploy, unsupervised learning appliance that distills knowledge from dark data, the 80% of unstructured data that companies are storing and not using. The Loop Cognitive Computing Platform gives organizations the ability to extract valuable insights from this dark data, completely unsupervised and with no human intervention. Ovum’s “On the Radar” is a series of research notes about vendors bringing innovative ideas, products and business models to the market. Ovum’s analysts recommend Loop AI Labs to enterprises looking to bring down the cost of entry into the use of neural network technology and machine learning.


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