MongoDB-as-a-Service: mLab Launches Private Environments on AWS

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mlab_logomLab, the fully managed cloud database service featuring automated provisioning, scaling, and management of MongoDB databases, today announced the private beta of Private Environments. mLab Private Environments are virtual private networks that customers can provision to house their various database deployments hosted with mLab.

Private Environments provide the security benefits of self-hosting database deployments without the headache of self-hosting. With Private Environments, customers can use all of the traditional network security best-practices and techniques for designing their application. Customers can:

  • isolate their database from public networks while allowing secure access to their application infrastructure
  • create sophisticated network topologies to ensure least privilege access to their database deployments using CIDR ranges and AWS Security Groups
  • auto-scale their application tier without having to modify database firewall rules

As an early beta user of Private Environments, we’ve appreciated the added level of security it provides,” said Chris Lambert, CTO, Lyft. “The private network created by Private Environments keeps our infrastructure secure as we continue to grow, and makes it easy for our team to provision new application servers and auto-scale without needing to modify database firewall rules. We’ve been using mLab’s cloud-hosted MongoDB for several years and it has played a big role in helping Lyft scale.”

The new solution is engineered to be a novel way for customers to use virtual private networks through a DBaaS provider. With Private Environments, mLab has created an isolated and self-contained solution that securely and seamlessly integrates into an existing stack as though the databases were inside a customer’s own VPC. The result is network security that is both operationally easy and flexible.

mLab’s cloud database-as-a-service platform hosts over 300,000 MongoDB deployments, powering companies like Turner, Lyft, and Whole Foods Market. Private Environments is the first of several releases slated for 2016 as mLab continues to debut new cloud infrastructure capabilities.

mLab is hands-down the easiest way to run MongoDB on AWS,” said Will Shulman, CEO, mLab. “We believe that constantly managing database infrastructure isn’t something most developers should have to worry about; mLab’s platform and tools are designed to automatically provision, host, scale, monitor and backup your MongoDB databases. Private Environments is a powerful new capability that furthers mLab’s goal of providing cloud infrastructure solutions that are both simple and secure. We’re excited for developers to try it out.”


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