Business Intelligence Leaders Join with Teradata to Enhance Presto for the Enterprise

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teradata_logo_miHadoop Summit 2016 News

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, today announced the certification of multiple business intelligence (BI) and visualization solutions on the Teradata Distribution of Presto.  These include Information Builders, the Looker Data Platform, the Qlik® visual analytics platform, the Tableau Business Intelligence (BI) tool suite and ZoomData®. In addition, MicroStrategy has committed to certify, and testing is complete with Microsoft Power BI.  The multiple certifications give customers more choices, and support the efficient and effective use of BI tool investments and skills to analyze data in Hadoop.

The certification of BI and analytic tools with the Teradata Distribution of Presto is a significant industry first. It is also timely, considering the many challenges companies have today in deploying and using Hadoop,” said Claudia Imhoff, a leading consultant in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing and founder of the Boulder BI Brain Trust. “At a time when Presto, thanks to Teradata, has become an enterprise-ready SQL on Hadoop solution, BI tool integration brings just the right amount of functionality to make Presto easily leveraged within the enterprise. Regardless of a company’s preferred BI and analytics vendor, the positive result is a value-creating insight engine that ushers in a bright new era of visual intelligence for all Hadoop users.”

Presto is an open-source SQL query engine used for running interactive analytic queries on Hadoop and other data sources. First developed by Facebook, Presto is a valuable approach to SQL on Hadoop. Notably, Presto is used to execute cross-platform queries including HDFS, Amazon S3, Cassandra, relational databases or even proprietary data stores – and is ideal for data analysts who require sub-second or sub-minute response times.

The joining of multiple BI tools with the Teradata Distribution of Presto means companies can now easily develop BI applications and reports across platforms, using the Teradata Distribution of Presto and the Teradata ODBC and JDBC drivers for Presto. These tight integrations help ensure rapid application development and actionable insight from customer sentiment analysis, churn analysis, sensor data analysis for Internet of Things visibility and more. As a result, companies can create opportunities faster, leveraging existing investments in SQL BI tools and Hadoop.

The Teradata Certified Distribution of Presto, plus the Presto drivers from Teradata for Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), are all available immediately, free and downloadable from

Teradata has been making significant contributions to Presto in the past year. These include YARN integration, improved security, and now, high-performing, enterprise-class ODBC and JDBC application programming interface drivers for Presto,” said Chad Meley, vice president, Product and Services Marketing, Teradata. “Today, with commitments and certifications from a growing number of BI partnerships, we further extend the scope and reach of data that can be analyzed within the data ecosystem. This means a huge net gain for companies, and it reinforces our pioneering vision related to the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™.


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