Cloud Analytics Player Keen IO Announces Solution for Native Analytics

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KeenIO_logoKeen IO, a leader in cloud analytics, announced the availability of Native Analytics, a complete solution for customers to white-label the real-time analytics and advanced visualizations of Keen into their own products and services. A milestone for the analytics industry, Keen’s Native Analytics leapfrogs the conventional approaches by point solutions and walled-garden data warehouses by opening up the full power of its platform API and unparalleled visualization library to the capable hands of developers.

With Native Analytics, we are answering the demand from the market for analytics solutions that are fully customizable and pushing ahead with our core vision of making the world’s best data science tools available to all developers,” said Kyle Wild, CEO and co-founder of Keen IO. “While other products arbitrarily constrain you to a set of rules for your data models, queries, and visualizations, Keen’s Native Analytics lets you delight your end users by seamlessly embedding the magic of Keen into your app, website or service.”

Founded in 2011, Keen IO now serves over 3,000 customers across a variety of categories, including media, e-commerce, adTech, gaming, IoT and retail. The company’s cloud analytics API queries trillions of events daily, with operational performance required by the enterprise. Keen hosts an open-source visualization library that is the largest of any private company with over 900 forks and 8,000 stars on GitHub.

Native Analytics is the latest in a series of product offerings designed to address the rising demand for real-time, scalable, and extensible analytics that can be deeply integrated into end-user experiences.

How Customers Are Using Native Analytics

Customers are rapidly adopting Keen’s Native Analytics into their core products, saving them time and money, and helping them separate from the pack in their respective industries.

Bluecore, an e-commerce automation platform used by Newegg, Staples, and BCBG, was an early adopter of Keen’s Native Analytics. Bluecore’s customers are presented with real-time dashboards and critical data for shopping cart abandonment and email recapture campaigns; all white-label Keen.

From day one, we needed to be able to show customers how their e-mail campaigns were performing,” said Mahmoud Arram, co-founder and CTO of Bluecore. “Keen is core to our product.”

Pixlee, a visual marketing platform used by Levi’s Jeans, Kimpton Hotels, and Converse, embraced Keen’s Native Analytics early to power its core product. Pixlee uses Keen to provide a highly customized analytics dashboard with real-time, beautiful representations of end user engagement and conversion. The Pixlee dashboard presents custom metrics like “lightbox engagement” alongside traditional metrics like pageviews and conversions. Keen’s cloud analytics platform helps Pixlee optimize the content they display on their clients’ sites. With this approach, Pixlee delivers an 8-to-20 percent increase in engagement over a purely randomized approach.

With Keen’s Native Analytics, our customers can see their data and say, ‘Wow, this is actually working.’ It builds trust with our customers and really sets us apart from competitors,” said Jeff Chen, co-founder and director of engineering at Pixlee. “Keen saved us months of work building real-time analytics into our product. Our clients love seeing actionable insights as a native part of the user experience.”

Keen has seen more than 40 percent of its customers adopt Native Analytics ahead of the commercial launch. The company expects a groundswell of new business from the general availability of this industry-first offering.

Moving Data Science from a Cost Center to a Growth Driver

Before Keen’s launch of Native Analytics, companies have broadly viewed data science as a necessary cost to try to understand their business and marketing activities. Now, with Keen IO, data science has transformed to a proven ingredient for customer and revenue growth, as analytics becomes promoted to a core product feature.

We are very excited by the business innovations coming from our customers adopting Native Analytics,” said Will O’Brien, COO of Keen IO. “Some customers are turning advanced analytics into a paid feature, while others are bundling analytics into their core product to improve retention. We all recognize that we live in a ‘moneyball’ society where users today expect stats and charts in each and every one of their favorite apps and websites. Keen’s Native Analytics lets every company compete on data instead of on price. It’s a new game.”


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