Sumo Logic Partners with MongoDB to Monitor and Troubleshoot Modern Applications

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sumo-logic-logoSumo Logic, a leading cloud-native, machine data analytics service, announced the availability of its Sumo Logic App for MongoDB to provide a deeper,  in-depth view into the operational health and performance of MongoDB deployments than ever before. This visibility enables the flexibility to monitor, optimize and secure modern applications powered by modern database engines that today’s digital businesses require.

With the Sumo Logic App for MongoDB, users can gain global oversight of their complete application infrastructure from a single interface. Issues that risk affecting customer experience can be quickly identified and isolated to specific components – whether attributable to devices, hardware infrastructure, networks, APIs, application code, databases and more. The new integration also helps speed application development and deployment for modern software delivery lifecycles.

Sumo Logic’s cloud-native machine data analytics platform delivers real-time, continuous intelligence across the entire application lifecycle and stack enabling organizations to build, run and secure their modern applications. As one of the fastest growing databases in the world, MongoDB enables modern applications with near instant access to data that is essential in the day-to-day running of successful digital businesses. The new integration with MongoDB’s NoSQL database – which allows users to rapidly store and access massive volumes of structured and unstructured data in a scalable way – will provide deep visibility into MongoDB deployments, alongside the rest of the technology stack. The Sumo Logic App for MongoDB is simple to set up and achieve efficiency out of the box, giving developers working with complex large-scale deployments access to:

  • Operational Insights: Developers can receive a complete overview of their application and MongoDB deployment on a single dashboard. Users can monitor the overall health of their deployment, with deeper visibility into operational performance, security and query optimization to support complex deployments pinpointing problems to enable deep understanding of issues in the larger context of the entire application stack.
  • Integrated with Operational Tooling: If the operations team needs finer grained telemetry into MongoDB, they can drill down into the 100+ system metrics maintained by MongoDB Ops Manager and Cloud Manager.
  • Security Monitoring: Mitigate security threats by identifying issues with failed logins and geo-location of clients using the Sumo Logic App for MongoDB.

The shift to the cloud has created an opportunity for companies such as Sumo Logic and MongoDB to capitalize on the complex and changing requirements of mission-critical applications,” said Alan Chhabra, VP of Partners at MongoDB. “We are excited about the Sumo Logic App for MongoDB as it further deepens the ecosystem for our customers to ensure the health of their cloud infrastructure.”

Sumo Logic provides real-time monitoring, troubleshooting and root cause analysis and advanced analytics through machine learning to identify patterns and anomalies so developers can uncover problems and predict potential issues before they impact customers.

Today’s IT teams are struggling with getting a deep, holistic view into the health of their database deployments, so they can more monitor performance, diagnose problems and audit access to identify potential risks,” said Bruno Kurtic, founding vice president of product and strategy. “The Sumo Logic App for MongoDB provides a modern solution built on machine data analytics that integrates with MongoDB environments to provide actionable intelligence in a unified, content-aware view across all applications and supporting infrastructure.”


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