Mitchell 1® Revs Up Revenue and Market Share After Implementing the MarkLogic® Database

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Marklogic_logoBIG DATA USE CASE

MarkLogic Corporation, a leading operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider, announced that Mitchell 1® is exceeding sales and market share expectations after transforming its business from information publisher to content provider with help from the MarkLogic® database. By connecting data from multiple data silos, and integrating and managing information from hundreds of millions of repair orders and its online community, Mitchell 1 offers repair shops comprehensive views of cars that help them make repairs faster than before. Additionally, Mitchell 1 is enhancing the performance of tens of thousands of handheld diagnostic tools worldwide by adding relevant information about car repairs to further speed the diagnostic process.

Like many enterprises, Mitchell 1 attempted to integrate an increasing amount of data from an increasing number of data silos using a relational database. The disparate data (text, images, video, etc.) had to be manually manipulated, which was a time- and cost-intensive process. The Mitchell 1 team realized that its relational database would eventually become too slow and too hard to integrate, manage and distribute data such as repair manuals and service bulletins from resources including 28 manufacturers, hundreds of millions of repair orders, the Mitchell 1 online community and more. Consequently, the team selected the MarkLogic database for its unique combination of flexibility to ingest data “as is” along with enterprise-hardened features like security and high availability.

Time is money for our customers: The faster they can diagnose problems, the faster they can repair vehicles. We help customers fix cars faster by providing the most comprehensive information about cars and the parts most likely to fail within seconds,” said Jeff Grier, senior director, Product Development for Mitchell 1. “The MarkLogic database helps us to easily integrate information located in numerous places. We need to process information from hundreds of thousands of new repair orders annually, as well as content from our communities, OEMs and more. Then we connect the dots with MarkLogic Semantics so a customer looking to repair a 2006 Chevy Tahoe can quickly understand which parts break often, which parts wear faster in certain climates, and much more. This results in a better customer experience, which drives customer satisfaction, retention and revenue.”

As a result, Mitchell 1 provides repair shops everything they need to know to fix automobiles quickly. The company’s ProDemand® and SureTrack® products have experienced record-breaking sales as repair shops can now routinely find helpful repair information in less than 30 seconds (compared to as much as 10 minutes with the previous system). And Mitchell 1 is accomplishing this with less cost to the company as it has substantially reduced manual data manipulation. Mitchell 1 is also improving the usability of handheld diagnostic platforms: These platforms connect to the car and Mitchell 1 delivers relevant repair information to ensure the diagnostic process is accurate and fast.

Mitchell 1 began working with the MarkLogic database for its ProDemand product and quickly realized the potential of our technology to turn data into a more holistic, competitive advantage,” said Joe Pasqua, executive vice president, Products, MarkLogic. “Today, the Mitchell 1 team is finding extremely creative ways to provide customer value by bringing together all of their data assets from many different silos to cut through the noise and deliver the right information quickly to appreciative customers. Doing this has propelled Mitchell 1 past competitors, and we look forward to supporting the company’s future innovations.”


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