Kimera Systems Closes Initial Funding for Major Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough

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Kimera_logoKimera Systems, developers of the commercial human-like intelligence technology for connected devices, announced the closing of its angel round of funding. The funding, received from private investors, allows the company to begin scaling its breakthrough Nigel™ artificial general intelligence (or AGI) technology and bring it to market.

We were privileged to get an in-depth look at Kimera’s Nigel technology, and to say its capabilities are mind-blowing is an understatement,” said Ben Larson with Pacific Alpine Investment Group. “The implications of an intelligence technology that is not limited to a single domain but learns and understands across every domain are astronomical. After our due diligence, including speaking to several artificial intelligence experts, our decision to put money into Kimera Systems was an easy one.”

For more than a year, Kimera has been demonstrating Nigel’s ability to learn and react to situations and contexts, a breakthrough achievement in artificial intelligence that comes decades before most experts predict such technology could be ready for commercial deployment. After years of development and laboratory testing, Nigel is about to be “born” – that is, rolled out commercially for the first time, allowing the technology to gather data and begin learning in the real world.

When machines start comprehending what they observe and use that knowledge to proactively help people achieve goals, everything changes,” said Mounir Shita, founder and CEO of Kimera Systems. “The impact of technology that understands will far exceed the original impact the internet had for people.  Unlike current ‘Deep Learning’ techniques, which today have no obvious way to achieve human-like intelligence, Nigel is based on a new approach to artificial intelligence that fuses together a broad range of soft and hard sensor data, achieving moment-to-moment contextual awareness, allowing Nigel to learn and apply what it understands to real-world situations, much like a human does.”

Kimera is not deploying Nigel as an app. Instead the company is working with app developers and device manufacturers to integrate Nigel into existing apps and devices. This app-free approach makes deploying Nigel to even low-cost devices eminently affordable while delivering end-user value exponentially greater than even today’s most advanced digital assistants.


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