Zaloni Launches New Data Lake 360° Solution to Drive Higher ROI from Big Data

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zaloni_logo2Zaloni, the data lake company, announced a new solution, Zaloni’s Data Lake 360°, to meet the needs of a growing number of enterprises that understand that the data lake is key to the future of the enterprise data ecosystem—but often don’t know where to start or, if they have a data lake, how to derive more value from it. Some common roadblocks include legacy system integration, navigating the complex and evolving big data ecosystem, hiring the right skill set, going beyond an initial proof of concept (POC), and effectively managing and governing data.

Zaloni’s Data Lake 360° solution gives complete control and full visibility into data lakes by providing a 360-degree view. Data Lake 360° includes both software and services to help enterprises enable the data lake, govern the data and engage end users. Most importantly, Zaloni’s solution ensures enterprises truly derive business value from the data lake, helping to implement specific use cases and making big data management and analytics more efficient and cost-effective.

The initial excitement about the potential of big data has cooled somewhat with the hard realization that in order to use it in any valuable way, we need a new approach to effectively manage and govern all data in the enterprise and make it readily available to the business,” said Ben Sharma, Zaloni’s co-founder and CEO. “Zaloni’s Data Lake 360° solution helps enterprises at any stage in their big data journey integrate a managed data lake into their overall data architecture and make sure the data is governed properly so that data scientists, data analysts and general business users can confidently use it.”

Leveraging big data for competitive advantage, to increase efficiencies or develop new products and services is essential for today’s leading companies to stay ahead. Although the potential for a data lake approach is limitless, Zaloni has so far helped many enterprises find success with diverse use cases in multiple industries such as telecommunications, healthcare, pharma, retail, financial services, insurance and manufacturing. Most common use cases for managed data lakes today include:

  • Agile analytics: A “fail fast” approach to data science where hypothesis development, iterative testing, and continuous improvement are in a constant cycle using real-time data, which can result in more and innovative insights that can add business value.
  • Enterprise reporting: The ability to do ad hoc reporting using an enterprise-wide data source is key to understanding the business in real-time and reducing risk.
  • Data monetization: More enterprises are leveraging their data to better understand current customers and also develop new products and services that resonate with consumers.
  • Data science: Some enterprises are working to support an enterprise-wide data science capability, particularly for predictive modeling and analytics using machine-learning and large datasets.

With Zaloni’s Data Lake 360° solution, enterprises benefit from:

  • Bedrock, the industry’s only fully integrated data lake management platform, and Mica, a data catalog and self-service data preparation tool; this combination enables enterprises to manage the entire data pipeline from ingestion through extraction.
  • Zaloni’s deep expertise, understanding of the quickly evolving big data ecosystem and the specialized technical skills that enterprises may not have in-house via its professional services team of developers and solution architects.

In the near future, the modern data architecture will have a managed data lake at its core,” said Sharma. “The inherent flexibility of data lakes promises to give enterprises the agility and scalability they require to discover timely, valuable business insights from big data.”


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