Nimbix Expands Market Presence in Cloud-based Machine Learning

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nimbix-logoNimbix, a leading HPC cloud platform provider, announced a significant increase in their presence in the machine learning market space as more customers are using their JARVICE platform to help address the need for an easier, more cost efficient way of working with machine learning.

Using JARVICE to manage their machine learning process, customers are able to leverage JARVICE’s turnkey workflows, reducing time to deployment from weeks to hours. Built on NVIDIA GPU’s for optimal neural network training, Nimbix’s per-second billing also enables their customers to capture the best economics for the neural network evaluation phase of machine learning.

Experienced machine learning developer, Hugh Perkins, author of the popular open source OpenCL libraries DeepCL and cltorch, is an avid user of the Nimbix cloud.  Mr. Perkins chose to work with Nimbix in addressing machine learning due to the powerful platform API, industry-leading selection of GPUs, superior-performance and economics.

Nimbix is a breath of fresh air,” said Mr. Perkins. “The per-second billing, spin up times of seconds, and the availability of high end GPUs, make Nimbix an awesome choice for machine learning developers.”

The Nimbix cloud platform is democratized and developer-friendly, allowing users to monetize their trained neural networks in the application marketplace. Democratizing machine learning APIs will distribute the power of neural networks to smaller organizations, allowing for more breakthroughs in life sciences, IoT, automotive, and more.

The Nimbix Cloud was a great choice for our research tasks in conversational AI. They are one of the first cloud services to provide NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs that were essential for computing neural networks that are implemented as part of Luka’s AI,” said Phil Dudchuck, Co-Founder at

Nimbix provides on-demand and scalable compute resources that enable organizations to run large-scale HPC workloads in the cloud. High Performance Computing (HPC) allows scientists, developers, and engineers to solve complex science, engineering, development, big data, and business problems using applications that require high compute capabilities. Nimbix’ growing number of integrated cloud services allows organizations to increase the speed and effectiveness of research by running high performance computing in the Nimbix Cloud.

The Nimbix Cloud, powered by JARVICE, is an ideal platform for machine learning applications as it provides access to true supercomputing GPU and FPGA-based accelerated computing with large amounts of memory is paramount for training deep neural networks ,” said Leo Reiter, Chief Technology Officer at Nimbix. “The high performance execution of the Nimbix Cloud is key to delivering timely results to our end users.  We are continuing to improve JARVICE by allowing our customers to utilize the platform to democratize these resources and provide a processing API to help add cognitive features to any application seamlessly and cost-effectively.”


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