Rhiza Launches Rhizabot, First Virtual Assistant for Analytics

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Rhiza_logoRhiza, an online platform pioneering the way marketers and salespeople make Big Data actionable, announced the launch of Rhizabot, an intelligent virtual assistant for business users. The product has a conversational interface, like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, that enables users to ask straightforward business questions and delivers clear answers quickly.

The Rhizabot tool marries natural language processing and artificial intelligence with Rhiza’s powerful data analytics engine. The resulting core technology is a virtual assistant for business analytics, which allows users to easily ask complex business questions by voice or text about customers, market dynamics and sales. Building data queries with current business intelligence tools is a complex process. It requires specialists who know a query language or know the data well enough to set the right filters. Rhizabot automatically translates conversational questions into queries that can be run instantaneously across multiple massive datasets and uses a proprietary algorithm to identify the relevant answer in seconds.

Rhizabot works on Amazon’s Alexa, Android and Google Chrome, with integrations for Siri and Cortana coming soon. Currently, the product uses consumer behavior data from Nielsen, point of sale data from IHS Polk, and voter registration data from L2. The tool is data agnostic and can work with a wide variety of enterprise and commercial data such as CRM, Google Analytics, Point of Sale, consumer surveys and more. The conversational interface analyzes all available data and quickly responds with the most pertinent insights. This information can be drilled down further, or visualized with an infographic.

Companies have a very hard time putting Big Data into the hands of business users because it’s complicated,” said Josh Knauer, CEO of Rhiza. “We created Rhizabot as an intelligent assistant that any professional, not just data analysts, can use. With its conversational interface, users across a business can ask for meaningful insights on the go, getting the information they need to close a sale or improve a marketing campaign on the spot. A year in the making, we are excited to showcase Rhizabot as the future of business intelligence, with tools that are simple and can be used by everybody.”


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