StreamSets Launches Embed Program to Help Technology Innovators Integrate Big Data Flows Into Their Products

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Streamsets_logoStreamSets, the dataflow performance management company, announced the StreamSets Embed Program, which provides support and services to technology companies needing to embed world-class data ingestion capabilities into their products and services. The Embed Program includes two options, an Innovator Program designed for early stage companies and an OEM Program for more mature companies.

The Embed Program offers developer-level technical support for unlimited internal use of StreamSets Data Collector™, allowing participants to build with confidence on StreamSets technologies. It also includes access to other value-added services, such as training, go-to-market assistance and professional services, such as architecture consulting. Through the program, partners are also able to upgrade their license to extend support to their customers.

StreamSets Data Collector provides critical big data ingestion infrastructure across a broad set of use cases,” said Jobi George, vice-president of alliances at StreamSets, “The StreamSets Embed Program is a crucial enabler for companies whose products or services require developing complex Big Data applications using a wide range of technologies including Hadoop, Spark, Kafka or Elasticsearch. By leveraging StreamSets’ expertise, partners can maintain engineering focus and get to market more quickly than if they attempted to build and support these capabilities themselves.”

Early members of the StreamSets Embed Program include Kryptos Logic and Dataffirm. Kryptos Logic is a leader in Threat Intelligence. StreamSets technology has widened its ingest infrastructure capabilities and improved the way it builds data pipelines.

Kryptos Logic frequently deals with changing data sources and pipelines from thousands of sources,” said Salim Neino, CEO of Kryptos Logic, “As a result, data drift can be a difficult problem to tackle when handling copious amounts of data over such a set of data sources. Streamsets has matured our big data stack so that we can ensure our data pipelines ingest large volumes of data from a variety of sources and still maintain high quality. This has proved valuable not only to our internal development team, but also in our multi-tenant environments where we work closely with clients and partners.”

Dataffirm provides predictive analysis on large volumes of publicly available company data and is deploying StreamSets as core infrastructure that it considered too complex to build and maintain itself.

The agility and responsiveness of the StreamSets team has been outstanding,” said John Paleomylites, CEO of Dataffirm, “The StreamSets Embed Program helped us to execute faster by focusing on what we do best, which is providing predictive analytics from large volumes of company data.”

About StreamSets Partners Programs:

StreamSets is committed to building an extensive ecosystem of partners to jointly create complete solutions that delight customers and maximize the potential of their big data projects.

Partner programs include:

  • Technology Partners: StreamSets works with industry leaders, such as Cloudera, MapR and others to bring certified and tested product integrations to market, providing customers with solutions they can deploy with confidence.
  • Embedded Partners: A program for companies looking to incorporate continuous ingest and data flow performance management into their solutions. It includes Innovators Program and OEM Program options.
  • Go-to-Market Partners: Consulting, systems integration, reseller and software companies can generate new opportunities, close new business and increase profitability either through resale or referral relationships.

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