DrivenBI Redefines Self-Service BI with Business Pro Tour, Produces Usable Results in Hours

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DrivenBI-logoDrivenBI, provider of SRK, the 100% cloud-native self-service BI platform that empowers business professionals without IT’s constant support, announced a new on-boarding methodology to quicken the learning curve for new users, further redefining the meaning of self-service BI.  This approach, consisting of interactive Tour, Sandbox, and Reference Library inside the SRK platform, allows business professionals to see how analytics can impact their specific company in just a few hours.

The flexible, three-pronged approach offers a “Sandbox” in the DrivenBI SRK platform where users can explore freely and click through a showcase analysis related to their specific industry. Users can quickly build real analysis of their current projects by loading the use case from “Reference Library” and supplement their own data. These explorations in SRK are all accompanied by interactive Tours that explain the basics of the platform while using it.

Being the only cloud-native BI platform give us distinct advantages, in addition to reduced IT involvement, better collaboration, and inherently seamless integration,” said Ben Tai, CEO of DrivenBI. “It also enables us to provide a remarkably simple way for business professionals to see how data analytics can impact their business, without having to navigate through the BI vendor onboarding jungle.”

The Tour guides users through the mechanics of SRK and shows the functionality similarly to a video user manual, but much more pragmatic – the Tour is interactive. It is meant to help new users get accustom to the SRK platform and existing users quickly learn how to use new features.  When a new feature page is launched, the Tour pops up, immediately guiding the user through how to use the feature. Since it is interactive, the Tour is very effective in instructing a user on when, where, and how to use the feature, as well as educating the user on how others are using the feature to improve their analysis.

Once users see how easy it is to generate actionable analysis and reports, they can start a free trial and load the use case from the Reference Library. This enables full access to the DrivenBI SRK platform, which empowers users to use the platform to create their own ideas.  Users can slice and dice their data to generate the analysis needed.

The Reference Library also shows users how other individuals, or other industries, are using business intelligence to improve their business and swap in their own data for instant results. For example, loading the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) use case and inputting their own data provides the shortcuts to build the analysis required to compare individual KPIs and standardize performance metrics across all departments.

BI vendors are tasked with providing a proof of concept, and these new features essentially fill that role without requiring additional time or costs,” added Tai.  “Many vendors set their sights on very large enterprises and have little time or desire to work with small to mid-sized enterprise accounts. DrivenBI SRK’s Tour, Sandbox and Reference Library features enable users of these accounts to see what BI can do, while enabling us with the ability to support them the way they deserve to be. We launched this to a limited number of prospects in a pilot campaign and have already closed several customer accounts in less than 30 days, accelerating the typical sales cycle. Prospects experience immediate results and we continue to shorten the sales cycle for new customers, which benefits everyone.”


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