SAP Announces SAP HANA®, Express Edition, for Rapid Application Development on a Personal Computer or in the Cloud

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SAP_logoSAP SE (NYSE: SAP) announced SAP HANA®, express edition, a streamlined, downloadable version of its in-memory platform optimized for fast and continuous development of data-driven applications. This latest release provides developers with ubiquitous access to the SAP HANA platform to build applications free of charge on a laptop or desktop, or in the cloud.

SAP HANA, express edition, supports the rising demand for developers with SAP HANA experience — identified as one of the top-paying skills in a recent 2016 Dice Salary Survey. SAP now delivers a downloadable version of SAP HANA along with tutorials, sample code and a vibrant SAP developer community to help developers get up to speed quickly with flexible deployment environments.

With this new starter SAP HANA, express edition, we have been able to jump-start our development immediately, using our existing personal computers,” said Jean Safar, chief architect, Calypso Technology Inc. “With the preconfigured virtual machine option, it has been really simple to get hands-on experience with in-memory technology and develop our initial version on sample risk-related data sets. Additionally, the availability of flexible upgrade options to full-use editions will help us further experiment and leverage SAP HANA to support our future technology innovation plans.”

Access SAP HANA for Free and Scale Up as Needed

SAP HANA, express edition, allows users to get started for free with a streamlined yet powerful selection of in-memory platform features running in the cloud, on a personal computer or on a commodity server. Developers can easily access the free version to learn firsthand how to use SAP HANA and its powerful application development environment. Developers can use the express edition to develop, test and deploy production applications that use up to 32 GB of memory for free, or upgrade for a fee for more memory.

SAP HANA, express edition, allows many developers to experience the power of in-memory-based applications for the first time,” said Cindy Jutras, president, Mint Jutras. “The new easy-to-consume model via the cloud or PC and free entry point make a very attractive offering from SAP. Now companies such as small-to-medium-size enterprises have access to a data management and app development platform that has traditionally been used by large enterprises.”

Build Next-Generation, Data-Driven Applications Fast

SAP HANA, express edition, delivers database, application and advanced analytics services in a single platform. Developers can build applications that use SAP HANA to perform transactional and analytical processing against a single copy of data for real-time insights from structured and unstructured data types, such as text, spatial and graphical data.

Today’s fast-paced digital economy requires businesses to be extremely agile, with the ability to gain unlimited knowledge from any data type and data source located inside or outside the company,” said Irfan Khan, GM and global head, database and data management, SAP. “SAP HANA, express edition, is easy to download and free of charge so developers can quickly start building powerful, modern applications using their programming language of choice rather than managing complex IT frameworks and infrastructures.”

Flexible Delivery Options Help Developers Get Started Quickly

SAP HANA, express edition, can be downloaded from the SAP developer center and installed on commodity servers, desktops or laptops using a binary installation package with support for either SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Alternately, the express edition can be installed on Windows or Mac OS by downloading a virtual machine installation image that is distributed with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.


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