data Artisans Launches the dA Platform, Powered by Apache® Flink®, to Accelerate Commercial Adoption of Enterprise Streaming Technology

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data_artisans_logodata Artisans, founded by the original creators of Apache Flink®, announced the dA Platform, the official data Artisans distribution of Flink. The platform is designed for the rapidly growing base of customers already pushing technological boundaries with production high-performance streaming application deployments. The company’s first commercial offering delivers Flink’s production-grade stream processing applications at enterprise scale and adds enterprise-grade support with SLAs and quality assurance by data Artisans.

Flink was well-architected from the start as an enterprise-grade technology to deliver full-fledged continuous and historical data processing at scale. It has rapidly moved beyond early adoption and we are seeing robust demand for a commercial distribution of Flink for both the development phase and fully supported enterprise production deployments,” said Flink PMC member and data Artisans’ co-founder and CEO Kostas Tzoumas. “As many of the Apache Flink committers and original creators of the framework are employed at data Artisans, we are uniquely qualified to help enterprises overcome any challenges they may experience with integration and deployment as they push the boundaries of this technology, and we already have a range of active service accounts.”

data Artisans’ platform offering aligns with its strategic mission to support and help grow the strong community of Apache Flink users with a fully-supported platform based on the Apache Flink advanced Open Source scalable stream data processing framework. In addition to 24/7/365 enterprise support, data Artisans offers onsite or remote consulting and training tailored to specific use cases as well as direct communication with the original creators of Apache Flink. The dA Platform will in the future support modules enhancing Flink’s ease of use, ease of deployment, and expanding access to data wherever it is.

Apache Flink is a powerful and easy to use open source system for stream and batch data processing with a developer and user community that makes it one of the most active big data projects in The Apache Software Foundation, currently boasting more than 200 contributors worldwide. Enterprises using Flink include Alibaba, Capital One, Ericsson, Bouygues Telecom, ResearchGate, Zalando, Otto Group, and interactive entertainment gaming company King. Many of these companies, together with other leading technology companies such as Netflix, Uber, New Relic, Intel, EMC, and MapR are active users and contributors to the community and recently shared their insights at Flink Forward, the premier conference for Apache Flink.

Flink’s core is a high performance, low latency dataflow engine that provides data distribution, communication and fault tolerance for distributed computations over data streams. It integrates easily with other well-known open source systems both for data input and output as well as deployment. Application developers and enterprises can leverage Flink’s advanced and scalable framework to develop a wide variety of innovative analytics products and big data solutions for both continuous stream and historical data processing.

Recently the Apache Flink community released, Flink 1.1.0, quickly followed by Flink 1.1.1. and Flink 1.1.2, adding significant upgrades including a metrics system, the first versions of support for SQL and StreamSQL in data streams, new connectors and many upgrades that lay the foundation for version 1.2 to deliver dynamic scaling and other new capabilities which data Artisans will also support.


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