Enterprises Not Getting Critical Analytics to Commercial Customers, Survey Shows

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When it comes to how businesses approach analytics and reporting both inside and outside of the enterprise, most efforts focus on commercial products and services. Yet a large percentage of external customers still don’t have access to the analytics they need, because the cost to deploy them stands in the way, according to a recent survey published by our friends over at Jinfonet Software.

For several decades, the majority of enterprise business intelligence (BI) investments have focused on internal processes and users. However, when Jinfonet asked more than 400 senior IT and business professionals about their BI and analytics practices, 67 percent said they were serving external customers; 48 percent indicated that most of their commercial customers would benefit from analytic insights, but only 26 percent were getting them, suggesting that enterprises have an opportunity to improve products and services with analytics. The two greatest impediments to deploying BI and analytics to users were cost of deployment and choosing the right type of product.

The infographic below summarizes the results of the survey.




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