Zoomdata Introduces Smart Connector for Google BigQuery

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ZoomdataZoomdata, developers of the world’s fastest visual analytics platform for big data, announced the release of an optimized Smart Connector to BigQuery, Google’s fully managed, petabyte-scale, low-cost analytics data warehouse, on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), available in Google Cloud Launcher marketplace.

The new Smart Connector for BigQuery follows on the heels of the February launch of Zoomdata support for Google Cloud Dataproc, Google’s hosted Spark and Hadoop as a service. Together these cloud-based big data solutions, combined with Zoomdata, deliver a comprehensive and highly performant platform for big data analytics.

With the availability of the Zoomdata image on Google Cloud Launcher, GCP customers can now connect, stream and visualize their data in both BigQuery and Cloud Dataproc, using Zoomdata Smart Connectors that are optimized for these modern data stores.

Not only does GCP make it simple to activate a Zoomdata instance, but with BigQuery users can visualize billions of rows of data in a matter of seconds,” said Russ Cosentino, Co-founder & VP, Channel Sales, of Zoomdata. “Particularly exciting is the impact that the BigQuery connector can have on business users seeking to derive value from their data. In the past, business users were dependent on engineers to create queries and reports. Today, with the Zoomdata interface, business users have more secure access to their data, and are empowered to create and share their own visualizations and dashboards.”

Zoomdata’s BigQuery Smart Connector builds on Zoomdata’s strategy of leveraging the processing power of modern data stores. Instead of moving the data out of BigQuery for reporting, Zoomdata leverages the power and speed of BigQuery to quickly deliver query results and present them to the user. Through this architecture, Zoomdata is able to deploy its patented DataDVR functionality, Zoomdata Fusion, and a secure interface that limits the movement of data, all on Google Cloud Platform.

Zoomdata is an open platform that provides visual analytics solutions for big data. Natively architected for both cloud and on-premises deployments, its microservices architecture delivers visual analysis of big datasets in seconds. Zoomdata’s patented Data Sharpening™ technology delivers the industry’s fastest visual analytics for real-time streaming and historical data. Zoomdata’s streaming architecture makes this possible by using Apache Spark as a complementary high performance engine. Zoomdata Fusion enables users to perform analytics across disparate data sources in a single view – without the need to move or transform data.

The BigQuery and Cloud Dataproc connectors are included within the Zoomdata Cloud Launcher solution at no extra cost. Zoomdata offers consumption based pricing that is charged by the hour.


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