Galactic Exchange Announces Integrated AppStore for ClusterGX(TM), the 5-Minute Install Big Data Clustering Platform

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Galactic_Exchange_logoGalactic Exchange, Inc. announced the availability of an integrated AppStore embedded within the UI of its flagship ClusterGX™ product line. Initial AppStore partner analytics vendors include Rocana Inc. and Arcadia Data, Inc.

California based Galactic Exchange has a vision to hugely simplify the deployment of Hadoop/Spark based infrastructures and associated business intelligence and machine learning applications, both on-premise and in the cloud.

The integrated AppStore represents Phase-2 in our singular vision of making the deployment and activation of Big Data infrastructure and applications available to every business,” said Rob Mustarde, President and CEO of Galactic Exchange. “Our ClusterGX™ platform already makes deployment of Hadoop/Spark clusters easier than anything else out there by an order of magnitude. Now with the AppStore, a user can launch enterprise grade applications with a single click.”

When a user launches an application from the integrated AppStore, ClusterGX™ will automatically deploy the application across the cluster whilst configuring the vendor specified Hadoop settings. If there are additional dependencies required — such as Kafka, Impala or others — ClusterGX™ will automatically deploy those as well, with no further input required from the user.

Rocana is one of the first vendors to partner with Galactic Exchange on the AppStore.

The ClusterGX™ platform represents a step-change in Big Data simplification,” said Eric Sammer, CTO and co-founder at Rocana. “On a recent visit to Galactic Exchange I witnessed a Cloudera CDH cluster spun up from nothing with just a few clicks and then our Rocana Ops application launched with a single click. Those two operations alone would normally take a skilled engineer at least a day to achieve and yet the entire process was completed in less than 20 minutes.”

San Mateo based Arcadia Data is also an early partner with Galactic Exchange on the integrated AppStore.

Arcadia’s platform relies on the power of an underlying Hadoop infrastructure — anything which simplifies and accelerates the ability for clients to get that infrastructure in place is good for Arcadia,” said Sushil Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO. “Our mission is to connect Business Users to Hadoop — we’re delighted to partner with Galactic Exchange to help make that happen more easily.”

For vendors whose applications are integrated into the AppStore, ClusterGX™ has the potential to bring value in multiple ways. For many application vendors their products typically require skilled resources to successfully get them deployed. As a result, vendors are often selective in their PoC process and also the organizations they target in the first place. International research and market analyst firm The Bloor Group is a believer in the potential offered by making technology more broadly accessible.

By massively simplifying the underlying Hadoop infrastructure deployment and the subsequent application deployment, vendors will be more inclined to accept borderline PoC requests,” said Robin Bloor, founder & chief analyst at The Bloor Group. “Furthermore, simplified deployments will also allow application vendors to consider how they might target a broader market audience beyond their currently self-defined sweet spot.”

Rocana’s Sammer echoed Bloor’s comments. “ClusterGX™ definitely has the potential for us to broaden and accelerate the PoC process,” he said. “If we can expand our sales pipeline without requiring extra resources, and even start to consider new markets — that’s a win-win for us.”


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