Logtrust Brings Real-time Big Data-in-Motion Analytics to Any Business, Any Size

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logtrust_logoLogtrustTM, the Real-time Big Data-in-Motion firm for Fast Data, Big Data analytics, has solved the “real-time” challenge facing most Big Data projects, by offering the ability to ingest, store and analyze massive, varied and dynamic data sets at high speed. The company delivers insights within minutes or days that would otherwise take months or years to discover with a combination of open source and closed source tools. With the establishment of offices in Silicon Valley, Logtrust is expanding the availability of its solution which enables real-time analytics on streaming, historical (batch), and complex (multi-source) data sets.

Building on Cross-Industry European Success to Serve the International Market

Backed by a series B investment led by Atlantic Bridge, which specializes in bringing international scope to startups, Logtrust has achieved adoption of its flexible cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployments in three major industries – financial, telecommunications, and cyber security services.  It now serves a global set of clients, including UK-based niu Solutions; Telefonica, one of Europe’s largest telecom companies; as well as a top European bank which ingests terabytes of data per day through the Logtrust platform.

As we move into the era of the Internet of Things, the need to rapidly ingest and analyze data, with both scale and pace, is getting even greater,” said Jason Stamper, Data Platforms and Analytics Analyst at 451 Research. “With the ability to ingest data from multiple sources concurrently, and analyze it in real time, Logtrust meets a very real need in the market, as evidenced by its recent international expansion.”

Through its Real-time Big-Data-in-Motion analytics engine, the company is addressing problems of lengthy time-to-value and hidden costs that have plagued and now undermine C-suite confidence in big data projects. Sunir Kapoor of Atlantic Bridge explained: “Companies face a growing need to collect, visualize and analyze massive amounts of data at high speed, and to deliver timely, actionable insight they must be able to contextualize real-time data by comparing it to data that may have been created years, or even decades ago. Companies simply don’t have the time, expertise, or budget to piece together the open source tools required to deal with this. They need a solution that can ingest, store, and analyze Big Data in real-time, across departments and formats—a capability that IT/DevOps can deliver as-a-Service to line of businesses and that customers can subscribe to directly on the Logtrust CloudTM platform.

Setting a New Standard for “Real-Time” to Deliver Rapid Business Value

Logtrust now makes it possible to deliver log and metrics in Machine Real-time (sub-second) or Human Real-time (within 10 seconds) for Any Data with Any Volume at Any Time, setting a new standard for “real-time” analytics. The platform reduces the time-to-value from years or months to days or minutes for typical fast data, Big Data analytics, allowing companies of any size to:

  • Perform data-in-motion analytics at lightning speed, regardless of the volume of the data (or when it was created), collecting up to 10 terabytes per day while processing and analyzing up to 1 million events per second per core
  • Concurrently ingest data in real-time from a limitless variety of sources
  • Visualize, correlate, and analyze all of the organization’s data, regardless of format, drilling down and across to extract signals from noise and quickly identify trends, through pre-built dashboards

Current Big Data solutions either focus on storing the data or analyzing it, and tend to be limited to batch, streaming, or complex event processing,” said Pedro Castillo, founder and CEO, Logtrust. “Our platform allows you to perform all three of these analytic functions, while also offering the means to rapidly ingest and store massive amounts of data at high speed, and is production-ready in minutes. Whether you’re looking at security, IoT, operations, fraud, marketing, or any other aspect of business, Logtrust is unmatched when it comes to quickly delivering actionable insight.”

Managing Every Aspect of Data Security and Residency

Logtrust also enables companies to manage every aspect of data security and control with full governance and fidelity, complete residency control and a flexible combination of native cloud, hybrid, and on-premise deployment. Companies can leverage cloud multi-country regions at their discretion, and opt for the cloud geographic region of choice to comply with data sovereignty regulations.

Open Platform Complementing HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar, Splunk, Tableau and Power BI

Logtrust uniquely augments security information and event management (SIEM), IT Operations and Business Intelligence (BI) technologies such as HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar, Tableau and Power BI with true real-time processing and always-hot data. Its differentiating feature is its ability to ingest any raw log data, then to classify in real-time and normalize the data on-the-fly. It accepts any Splunk raw events forwarded and routed to Logtrust for real-time queries, and normalizes the data to match third-party system-specific schema such as CEF for HP ArcSight or LEEF for IBM QRadar for integration. LogtrustTM REST APIs allow any third-party systems or applications to call its real-time queries and advanced visualizations functions.


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