Salesforce External Objects for Big Data

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The presentation deck below by Sumit Sarkar, Chief Data Evangelist over at our friends Progress, is from his recent presentation at Dreamforce about the “largest object ever.” His session “External Objects for External Big Data Platforms” touched on his use of big data objects, which are several terabytes (which may not be the largest in history), and how external objects represent the ability to have petabytes or exabytes of data available on-demand for Salesforce users, without physically moving that data into the platform.

The talk focuses on transforming Salesforce into the system of engagement for your big data, including a discussion of best practices and lessons learned in accessing external data sets in Hadoop or Spark using Salesforce Connect. Also covered is how to leave the big data sets behind the firewall, and get on demand access for your users to big data insights using external objects with Salesforce Connect.


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