Demandbase Introduces DemandGraph – Artificial Intelligence Powered Business Graph for B2B

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demandbase_logoDemandbase, a leader in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), announced DemandGraph, the B2B marketing industry’s artificial intelligence driven business graph that captures and monitors in-depth business behavior and relationships across businesses worldwide. DemandGraph now powers Demandbase’s Account-Based Marketing platform spanning advertising, marketing, sales and analytics solutions.

According to Forrester Research, the B2B sector represents more than $1 trillion in digital commerce every year, more than double the size of the B2C economy. DemandGraph helps companies unlock the value of this trillion dollar market by reading and understanding billions of web pages on the Internet through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. DemandGraph is comprised of:

  • Unstructured business knowledge such as SEC filings and annual reports
  • Demandbase’s proprietary identification technology that maps billions of network IP addresses to businesses worldwide
  • Complex corporate hierarchies extending beyond subsidiaries and remote offices to include vendor, customer and partner relationships
  • The digital footprint of web activity by businesses including ad impressions and web traffic from more than 3 billion B2B interactions every month

DemandGraph enables B2B marketers to understand the entire business network of a company—customers, partners, suppliers, competitors, investments, regulatory filings and more to identify which companies and buying committees are in-market for particular solutions. It also provides a complete 360-degree view of potential and existing customers, which allows companies to better predict potential buyers, personalize campaigns and ultimately close more deals.

Unlike look-a-like modeling using only firmographics or a business directory based on ownership structure, DemandGraph’s value lies in the combination of sophisticated AI, advanced machine learning techniques and a deep understanding of B2B sales processes, to solve very complex challenges previously done only by humans,” said Chris Golec, founder and CEO of Demandbase. “Applying AI across marketing and sales functions has the potential to slash enormous amounts of cost while dramatically improving sales results for B2B companies.”

Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn have proved the value of mapping the connections between people based on likes and interests. Mapping the relationships between companies, however, is far superior as a predictor of a future relationship between two companies. In fact, company relationships in a business graph are 20 times more valuable than social networks at predicting a future relationship—such as your next customer. DemandGraph makes this possible by providing companies with a trusted and accurate repository of information that they can use to guide conversations, better predict future business behavior—and with accurate precision—identify and target their next customer, supplier or partner.

Artificial Intelligence has made great advances over the last few years across a variety of industries,” said Aman Naimat, senior vice president of technology at Demandbase. “But the power of AI has never been effectively leveraged for B2B. For the first time ever we are unleashing AI to solve some of the most complex data challenges for B2B companies today to make B2B marketing more effective. DemandGraph has proven that it can be 7-8 times more accurate than an account executive trying to predict a potential customer, which provides better targeting and conversion.”

Demandbase acquired Spiderbook in June 2016. The combination of Spiderbook technology and Demandbase’s proprietary data now makes it possible for DemandGraph to read 400 TB of unstructured text every month along with 12 billion website traffic hits of B2B buyers. This information is then structured into a connected account-based network of data assets for AI to consume and decipher. This provides business decision makers with a single picture of every company and how they are related to each other including what they are looking for, what they are interested in, what they are spending money on and who will be influencing the decision.


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