Collibra Empowers Data Scientists and Business Analysts with New Collibra Catalog

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collibra_logo_new Collibra, a leader in data governance software solutions for business users, introduced Collibra Catalog, a data catalog that helps data scientists and citizen data analysts spend less time looking for data and more time solving critical business challenges. Collibra Catalog is available as part of Collibra 5.0, a new cloud-based or on-premises data governance solution that delivers outstanding ease-of-use, performance, and flexibility for organizations that put a premium on leveraging their data to make better and smarter decisions.

Organizations that view data as a true enterprise asset gain a natural competitive advantage in today’s business world. But too few organizations manage data through a ‘system of record’ the way other critical enterprise functions like sales, HR, or finance are managed,” said Felix Van de Maele, Collibra co-founder and CEO. “Collibra 5.0 serves as that ‘system of record,’ providing a data governance backbone that helps organizations increase the value of their data and eliminate data silos. Our new Collibra Catalog helps eliminate one of the major pain points with which data scientists and business analysts grapple – namely, the time-intensive and tedious process of finding data – and enables them to work more quickly and strategically to solve critical business challenges.”

Collibra 5.0 takes an advanced “consumerized” approach to data governance technology that enables business users to “shop” for and find data in much the same way as they shop for products in their everyday lives on consumer sites like Amazon.

Organizations need key capabilities and new methods to realize the full value in their data. Implementing collaborative data governance and stewardship capabilities at scale while reducing obstacles enables users to harness actionable information that is more accessible, more comprehensible, and more reliable. Collibra 5.0 advances data governance capabilities for addressing an organization’s need to understand and trust its data,” said John O’Brien, Principal Advisor and CEO, Radiant Advisors.

Key Collibra 5.0 Features:

Collibra Catalog: Collibra Catalog helps the business data analyst to discover, describe, assemble, and govern data sets to improve trust in analytics based on those data sets. It serves as a single source of intelligence for data experts and other data citizens across the organization who need quick access to enterprise data:

  • Data experts are empowered through advanced semantic search features to find, use, and enrich data assets for a more immediate business impact.
  • Business intelligence analysts are freed from wasteful data wrangling so they can devote more of their time to solving real business problems.
  • “Self-service” data citizens can use existing data in new and different ways, driving insight through collaboration and crowdsourcing to increase the value of existing data assets and eliminating data silos.

Collibra Catalog also features unique data catalog functionality that:

  • Goes beyond structural and usage metadata and combines an easy “data shopping” experience with the complete meaning, lineage, and relationships of data.
  • Incorporates machine learning functionality that serves up increasingly relevant data to users over time.
  • Provides out-of-the-box operating models and flexible structure for easy-to-use information about any type of data. The Collibra Connect functionality then links the data sources, business applications, data lakes, data quality systems, and all sources of metadata into a responsive system. These connections enable changes to be detected and policies applied immediately, without manual steps, driving active data governance.

Additional Collibra 5.0 Functionality:

Collibra 5.0 offers a variety of new ease-of-use, performance and flexibility benefits, including:

  • A more responsive and intuitive user interface that improves navigation.
  • A new, easier-to-use open API that enables Collibra customers and partners to extend existing data governance capabilities or create new ones using the platform.
  • A management console integrated within the Collibra Data Governance platform that simplifies data “housekeeping chores” and enables the management of an enterprise data governance system.
  • Collibra 5.0 is also available for mobile users on iOS and Windows devices.

Collibra 5.0 usability features include:

  • Global Create: Allows users to create a new item of any type, anytime, without navigating to a particular view.
  • Global Views: Allows users to customize and save specific data views within different Collibra applications.
  • Working View: Allows users to customize any view of their data at any time, then save and return to that working view at a later date.
  • Faceted Filters: Much like consumers can run a filtered search on Amazon seeking specific shopping criteria such as size and color, Collibra enables data citizens to search for data by any characteristic belonging to that data.
  • View Improvements: Users can more flexibly sort, add to, delete and reorder data.
  • Diagram Overlays: Delivers an improved data lineage experience to allow users to improve visualization of lineage and relationships.

The new features are absolutely amazing,” said Divya Mowar, Global Logistics Process Analyst with NetApp. “They are smart and make it simple to use.”


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