Omnity Research Platform Announces Customizable Search and Discovery Engine

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omnity_logoOmnity, the next-gen semantic search and discovery platform for knowledge workers, announced it is opening its proprietary artificial intelligence technology to enterprise customers to allow them to organize Omnity’s powerful search tools around their own customized classification systems. Using this new feature — called Dynamic Data Shuffle™  — large corporations and organizations can fully customize the content that they deem most relevant to their search queries.

Omnity’s proprietary AI platform harnesses the power of harvesting multiple simultaneous rare shared words to form a query. The platform discovers deeply matching relevant documents from otherwise hard-to-find knowledge resources across the world, even if those documents do not cite, link, or refer to one another. Interconnected fields include law, finance, technology, science and much more. With access to Omnity’s machine learning, firms can now fully tailor their search results to the categories most relevant to their specific industries, queries and detailed analyses.

For example, product-focused companies can view their internal and external data from the lens of each product they manufacture, investment professionals can automatically categorize documents and detect patterns based on their investment themes, pharmaceutical companies can assess risk patterns based on clinical trial progress, and attorneys can perform complex legal analyses based on the framework of specific cases and evidence.

We’ve cracked the code on connecting researchers with content they typically would spend enormous cost and time to discover in a far simpler and more cost-effective platform,” said Brian Sager, co-Founder & CEO of Omnity. “Now we’ve expanded our platform’s unique technology so they can actually seek, find and structure the data they desire in their own fully customized experience.”

Omnity can perform queries on all the words of entire documents — or sets of multiple documents as a single query — and connect such documents through rapid scanning of trillions of interconnections in fractions of a second, creating custom knowledge repositories for customers. Built for the research workers most in need of a convenient, powerful and accessible platform — at a highly cost-effective value — Omnity leverages patent-pending semantic language mapping, the mathematics of graphs, and artificial intelligence to continuously learn and build from the knowledge it acquires — and delivers to the researcher. To acquire the user’s proprietary content, Omnity can ingest entire documents or archives of documents in moments. Queries can be formed from a range of sources, including documents, email threads, online chats, and clipped web content.

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  1. Great information! I am always looking to better match content with documented material to best award searcher’s queries.

    We anticipate seeing new ways that search queries can be formed from additional sources in 2017. We will watch for your documents, email threads, online chats, and web content on the topic.