Boundless Introduces Open GIS Platform for the Enterprise

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boundless_logoBoundless, a leader in open GIS, introduced an open GIS ecosystem to unlock the business intelligence of location-based data. In response to market demand for more open and scalable GIS solutions, the company extended its proven GIS platform with Boundless Connect, a subscription service to the most comprehensive repository of GIS data, and Boundless Desktop, a full-featured, professional desktop GIS, bringing a powerful ecosystem of geospatial knowledge, tools and resources to the enterprise.

With the launch of Boundless Connect and Boundless Desktop, we have taken a major step forward in delivering the most complete, commercially supported open GIS platform,” said Andy Dearing, CEO of Boundless. “As the need for an alternative to costly, closed GIS systems grows, Boundless is proud to partner with the open source community to provide new tools and open solutions that foster growth of the largest repository of the world’s geospatial knowledge and resources.”

Boundless Delivers the Ultimate Open GIS Ecosystem

Boundless offers an open GIS ecosystem through a unique combination of technology, products and experts that gives enterprises deeper intelligence and insights using location-based data. The Boundless platform is built upon open source technology and open APIs that generate actionable location intelligence across third-party apps, content services and plugins for enterprise applications.

Eighty percent of today’s data includes a location component. Unlike proprietary, licensed solutions that are prohibitively expensive for the growing volume of geospatial data, Boundless wants to make the world of geospatial data available to any user. Boundless is open by design, immediately scalable and license-free, making it easy for developers, GIS and business analysts to access location-based data in a cloud-based GIS platform.

Boundless is the leading open GIS platform for government and commercial mapping and analytics. The Boundless platform is a complete, open GIS solution, including Exchange, Suite, and now Desktop and Connect. The experts at Boundless reduce the cost and time of deploying and managing geospatial software with packaging, support, maintenance, professional services, and expert training.

Key features and benefits of the Boundless open GIS platform include:

  • The most comprehensive product line of commercially supported open GIS products including Desktop, Suite and Exchange.
  • Boundless Connect delivers an ecosystem of geospatial tools, content and services to the open source community.
  • Boundless combines 14 years of open source expertise with GIS resources including consulting, training and support.

Boundless is currently operational in government and commercial environments, with customers including National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Port of Seattle, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, and TriMet, among others.

Global Open GIS Community to Take the Enterprise By Storm

According to P&S Market Research, the global geographic information system (GIS) market is expected to to reach $14.6 million by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 11.4%. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Labor named geospatial technology one of the top three most important high-growth industries in the 21st century, along with nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Helping to advance open GIS, Boundless is an active leader in the open source community, working with partners, customers, and developers worldwide. Unlike proprietary software vendors, Boundless gives customers direct access to the open source community for the ability to provide feedback and influence future direction. The company is committed to open source and all of the projects it works with are published using the Open Source Initiative approved license.

Availability and Pricing

The Boundless open GIS platform includes Exchange, Suite, Desktop and Connect. Announced today, Boundless Desktop and Boundless Connect are available immediately. Subscription pricing for support and maintenance of the Boundless product stack starts as low as $5 per month.


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