Paxata Advances Self-Service Data Prep for Tableau

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paxataPaxata, pioneers of the self-service data prep market and provider of the enterprise-grade Adaptive Information Platform, announced the expansion of its ClicktoPrep™ capabilities to Tableau along with governed, self-service data provisioning to Tableau Server. This advanced connectivity architecture allows Tableau users to seamlessly gather, prepare and publish data from personal, proprietary, public and premium data sources all within the Tableau user experience while still providing enterprise-class governance, scale and security.

Tableau analysts frequently need to source, discover, add and discard data as they iterate and optimize their insights. In addition, Tableau analysts need the self-service business friendly environment to easily and quickly access, integrate and prepare a variety, and often messy, data at scale to get value from big data investments.

As the pioneer of the self-service data preparation category since 2012, we have been humbled to see the industry follow our lead in bringing analyst-centric data preparation solutions to market,” said Nenshad Bardoliwalla, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Paxata. “As we have evolved from pioneering self-service data preparation into providing a broader adaptive information platform, Paxata complements Tableau by providing analysts with support for greater variety and volumes of data and complex exploration or preparation needs, while also addressing IT-driven requirements around versioning, data lineage, security and enterprise-scale collaboration, governance and connectivity. With today’s announcement, we continue to extend our investments in a seamless Tableau and Paxata data preparation user experience driven by machine-learning based recommendations, on a platform powered by Apache Spark, and deployed on-premise or as a cloud service.”

The Paxata Adaptive Information platform is the only solution that exploits the full distributed computing power with an Apache SparkTM based architecture integrated tightly with the Tableau experience. With the latest release, Paxata provides two significant enhancements:

  • Automatic URL Generation for ClicktoPrep Enhancements: Tableau users can now easily create seamless ClicktoPrep actions between Tableau and Paxata with the new automatic URL generation capability directly from the Paxata project metadata page. This closes the loop between data preparation and visualization, creating a seamless, bi-directional experience between both major parts of the data pipeline. Tableau users can instantly find and fix complex data quality issues in Tableau visualizations with Paxata ClicktoPrep, connecting complete data prep and analysis in both directions.
  • Paxata Governed Data Publishing for Tableau Server 9 / 10.0: Paxata now supports the ability for analysts to publish AnswerSets™ to Tableau Server 9 and 10 in TDS format. Tableau users can now take their AnswerSets created in Paxata and publish them directly to Tableau Server in a simple and governed manner. All the transformation steps performed in the project, as well as the entire publishing process, are recorded and versioned for auditing purposes. They can also be repeated with Paxata’s single-click automation capabilities. Analysts can now create clean, consumable AnswerSets published directly to Tableau Server in a repeatable, secure, and governed path from Paxata with auditable TDE output.

Paxata shares our mission to help people see and understand their data,” said Varun Saini, Vice President of Product Development at Tableau. “As our customers increase the volume and variety of data they use, they want the combination of deep data preparation functionality while staying in the flow of their analytics without sacrificing enterprise governance, scale and security. Paxata’s latest release allows them to stay in the Tableau environment to get impactful visual data prep capabilities.”


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