MariaDB Announces General Availability of ColumnStore 1.0

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Mariadb_logoMariaDB® Corporation, the company behind the open source database, announced the general availability of MariaDB ColumnStore 1.0, a powerful open source columnar storage engine. With this release, MariaDB has united transactional and analytic processing with a single front end to deliver an enterprise-grade solution that simplifies high-performance, big data analytics.

Data warehouses are famously expensive and complex – requiring proprietary hardware which makes it nearly impossible to deploy on the cloud. MariaDB ColumnStore makes data analytics more accessible, on premise or in the cloud, and costing on average 90% less per TB per year than the leading data warehouses,” said David Thompson, vice president of ColumnStore engineering at MariaDB. “ColumnStore also simplifies open source analytics by eliminating the need to learn new query languages that provide only a subset of SQL functionality.”

New features and benefits of ColumnStore 1.0 include:

Lower Cost of Ownership and Better Price Performance

Compared to the licensing and hardware costs of proprietary data warehouses, MariaDB ColumnStore, an open source solution, provides exponentially better cost per performance for analytics. Additionally ColumnStore’s flexible deployment options mean businesses can deploy in the cloud, or on premise with commodity hardware. Rather than buying and maintaining a third platform for data warehousing, MariaDB users simply turn on the columnar engine for a particular dataset and run analytics from the same front end as their transactional system. ColumnStore’s advanced data compression is more efficient at storing big data, requiring less hardware and making big data analytics more affordable.

Easier Enterprise Analytics

ColumnStore simplifies enterprise administration and execution with a single SQL front end for OLTP and analytics, and accesses all the same security capabilities delivered in MariaDB Server, including encryption for data in motion, role-based access and auditability. ColumnStore also offers an out-of-the-box connection with BI tools through ODBC/JDBC, as well as the standard MariaDB connectors. Unlike Hadoop solutions, MariaDB ColumnStore offers full ANSI SQL capabilities including queries for complex joins, aggregation and window functions. This makes it easy for data analysts to run their existing enterprise queries without modification. A columnar architecture eliminates the need for indexes or views. Combined with automated partitioning, MariaDB ColumnStore delivers a solution that is easy to manage and scale in a distributed environment.

Faster, More Efficient Queries

Compared to row-based storage, columnar storage reduces disk I/O with compression, making read-intensive (i.e., analytic) workloads significantly faster. MariaDB ColumnStore distributes the queries into series of parallel operations, resulting in extremely fast and scalable query results.

The demand for robust analytics technologies has exploded as companies look to derive greater value from increasing data volume,” said Jason Stamper, analyst, Data Platforms & Analytics, 451 Research. “MariaDB’s ColumnStore is a new option for high-performance analytics to big data, which aims to enable faster and more efficient queries while eliminating delays and reducing enterprise data warehousing expenses.”

MariaDB ColumnStore is now available for download. For customers wanting to get started immediately, the MariaDB professional services team is offering a new program called MariaDB ColumnStore JumpStart, which delivers a ready-to-use ColumnStore environment in 3 – 5 days.


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