Data Overload: Raising the Information Generation

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In this TEDx presentatin, Reuben Vendeventer’s talk is pitched towards students, but it’s useful for business people too. The value in Vendeventer’s talk is his orientation towards data and the information age. He conceptualizes our knowledge of DNA as data points. This kind of reorientation is a solid start for any learner’s relationship with the data behind business intelligence. This is a valuable talk for a broad, global view of how data is transforming business and the rest of society. Vendeventer’s thesis can be summed up by his statement that enough data could have solved the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. That may be a tad optimistic, but this talk’s still worth a look.

Reuben Vandeventer is an experienced leader and entrepreneur in data, business intelligence, business excellence and six-sigma, he has created novel approaches to improving an organization’s financial value through optimization of data, process, technology and people. Reuben has harnessed the power of data to understand where organization’s need to improve, and how to leverage social and behavioral data to correlate and drive total evolution through creating cultural movements within organizations that are quantifiable. The Improvenomics philosophy and intelligence platform resulted from years of corporate experiments gone right.

Vandeventer is the President and Founder of EvoInc, a firm focused on helping companies to quantify the right strategy – from inception to delivery. [Outlined by Capterra]


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