Litmus Automation Announces Edge-Level IoT Industrial Automation Marketplace

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litmus_logoLitmus Automation, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, announced the immediate availability of LoopEdge, the world’s first ever edge-level marketplace for IoT gateways. LoopEdge allows applications to be deployed on the edge, and provides an industrial driver marketplace which enables any gateway to interact easily with proprietary protocols from various vendors.

Historically, the edge has been a difficult territory for many because of the challenges faced when you move further out in a legacy environment,” said Vatsal Shah, CEO/Co-founder of Litmus Automation. “Building on the success of our Loop IoT middleware platform, LoopEdge reduces the complexity and barrier to entry for industrial automation.”

There are four main challenges to overcome when deploying an IoT edge solution:

  • How to communicate with legacy devices
  • How to secure devices
  • How to scale distributed solutions
  • How to run and manage applications at the edge

LoopEdge overcomes the shortfalls of legacy solutions and workarounds by addressing each question head-on. Litmus’ edge-level solution  enables the distribution of drivers at the gateway level to collect data from most of the industrial protocols. LoopEdge also has an application marketplace to deploy applications locally on the gateway including analytics, data filtering, data processing, rules and alerts engine, database, and more. Early tests have seen bandwidth costs cut by 40%.

Device connectivity is based on industrial drivers, with proper 6-fold security protection, seamless management and application deployment. LoopEdge is simple: no coding required with its UI- and Flow-based configurations. It supports native cloud connectivity and has both public and private marketplaces. Major features categories include:

  • Industrial Driver Framework
  • Device Connectivity
  • Applications Marketplace
  • Data Hub
  • Security Monitoring
  • Real-time Data Mapping
  • Data Visualization

Advantages of LoopEdge include:

  • Easy driver distribution to a large number of devices (Ethernet IP, Modbus, Profinet etc.)
  • Simple mechanism for adding and removing applications at the gateway level with configuration files.
  • Advanced SSH tunnel to the device (if gateway is located remotely within customer’s network, the ability to access inside with secure tunnel)
  • LoopDataEnricher which reduces 2G/3G/4G usage by 20%

The beauty of LoopEdge is its versatility: it is a vital tool for industrial automation environments looking to bring IoT to the very edge with real-time reporting. As it is based on Litmus’ successful Loop End-to-End IoT Cloud Platform, users can expect similar benefits such as:

  • Saving time (8-10x quicker deployment)
  • Feeling safe (15+ security controls)
  • Saving money (60-80% cheaper)

With Loop and LoopEdge, companies can securely connect any type of hardware, device, sensor or machine to the Internet and in real-time integrate the data being collected to any third-party software application or enterprise system (e.g. ERP, CRM, big data analytics, dashboards). Loop allows companies to have one centralized backend infrastructure for their IoT projects, lowering the time-to-market and infrastructure costs needed to deploy solutions.

Litmus Automation has partnered with companies such as Intel, Salesforce, Kyra Solutions, HMS, Ingram Micro, Momenta Partners, and more. The company has garnered considerable traction especially in the industrial and automotive sectors, and boasts Nissan and Renault as some of their biggest Fortune 500 clients. The ability for quick proof-of-concept turnaround and swift migration to production deployment has enabled them to close large clients in a crowded space.


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